Disney On Ice presents Frozen {Giveaway} ?>

Disney On Ice presents Frozen {Giveaway}

Remember that little movie a few years back, what was it called again… oh yeah that’s right, FROZEN? You may have heard of it before? Just kidding, you still know every word of Let It Go, don’t you? And of course you want to build a snowman, right? Well, for the first time in forever (see what I did there) Disney on Ice will feature the entire Frozen story in full.  You guys. This is not a drill. Enter a fantastical…

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Life on the Spectrum. A Reflection. ?>

Life on the Spectrum. A Reflection.

Ah, April. It rolls around every year, without fail. Prior to 2013, it was just a month in the year. I had honestly no idea that is was technically World Autism Awareness Month/Week/Day (April 2nd). I did not become ‘autism aware’ until my daughter Milla was diagnosed with autism in December 2012, shortly after her second birthday. Suddenly my Facebook feed is filled with ‘Autism Awareness’ posts and events every year. Arguments for and against. Light it up blue! We…

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Bumpy and Smooth. The anatomy of a stutter. ?>

Bumpy and Smooth. The anatomy of a stutter.

This post was brought to you in partnership with Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic* Milla was around three and a half when we first started to notice her stutter. We had already been seeing a speech pathologist for just over a year due to Milla’s autism diagnosis, so it was picked up on fairly early. Disfluency in young children can be quite common. Many move through this phase with little to no intervention, the stutter resolving itself with time. Box Hill…

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Lights By Dreamworks Giveaway ?>

Lights By Dreamworks Giveaway

Being a resident of the Mornington Peninsula, I had been eyeing off the Lights by Dreamworks- The Experience posters around town with interest. I’m always on the look out for fun things Milla might love locally so it was exciting to see such an awesome exhibition coming to my neighbouring town of Rosebud. Naturally I was thrilled to then receive an invitation to attend, as well as the opportunity to give away two family passes to my readers! Haven’t heard of Lights by Dreamworks-…

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Tumbleweeds ?>


It has been oh so quiet here lately. My last blog post was on the 1st of November, LAST YEAR! There was no wrap-up of 2016, no introduction to 2017. Just… tumbleweeds. Even my Facebook page has been fairly quiet, bar the odd viral meme. I don’t really have a definitive answer as to why. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say, I lay awake at night begging my brain to just STFU so I can sleep. It…

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Breaking The Cycle. ?>

Breaking The Cycle.

I talk a lot about how I am ‘breaking the cycle.’ Like it’s easy. Like this was my plan the whole time. I come from a long line of dysfunction. Mental illness runs rife throughout my family history. I didn’t think I would make it here. Functioning. Raising a daughter, being a wife. Alive. I very nearly didn’t.  I don’t really know how I made it out, where I got the strength to just keep trying even when every fibre…

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Anxiety. The Fear of It. ?>

Anxiety. The Fear of It.

This post was brought to you in partnership with Bupa. It hit me as soon as I agreed to write a piece for Bupa about anxiety. That clenching knot in my stomach. That tightness in my chest. My heart started to race. My brain began to weave the lies that anxiety spins. “You can’t do this.”  “Why did you say yes?” “You will let everyone down.” I stare at the blank computer screen and will it away. I could laugh…

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Kings Falls Circuit Walk ?>

Kings Falls Circuit Walk

  Kings Falls Circuit Walk Waterfall Gully Road, Arthurs Seat. This is an awesome walk if you are short on time and just want to get out in nature for a bit and get some fresh air. Great for ducking out for an hour or so in the afternoon to refresh on the weekend (what we did today) and also a lovely introductory walk for little people with little legs.

This one time when running saved my life… ?>

This one time when running saved my life…

And no, I wasn’t being chased by a bear. I have never been proud of myself. I have never felt that I made anyone else proud. I was smart. I got good grades at school. I aced my VCE and got in to Melbourne Uni. I never felt proud though. Most people saw me as just a ditsy dumb blonde. So many people told me that Cher from Legally Blonde reminded them of me. I cared too much about what other…

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Monster Jam {Giveaway} ?>

Monster Jam {Giveaway}

My husband has chauffeured accompanied us to many events, most of them princess related. He’s met Anna and Elsa, Rapunzel, even Cinderella. He’s carried tiaras, been covered in glitter and squeezed himself in to tea cup rides and miniature trains. He’s such a good Daddy to his own little princess. Then a slightly different opportunity arrived in my inbox, with nay a princess in sight… Monster Jam will be hitting our shores in October, and it is going to be EPIC. The show…

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