Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival {Giveaway} ?>

Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival {Giveaway}

In 2013, Disney Enterprises released a little movie about two princess sisters, Anna and Elsa. Then every child under ten years old collectively LOST THEIR MINDS with Frozen Fever. You may have heard of it?? Well, get ready because Frozen Fever is about to hit again, with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa starring in this years Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival.  The show opens in Australia in June 2016, and will feature the magical Winter Wonderland of Frozen.  Recreating the…

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Autism Acceptance. ?>

Autism Acceptance.

April is Autism Awareness Month. April the 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. My daughter has autism. These are all facts I had no idea about five years ago. Milla was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder not long after her second birthday, although her paediatrician had raised concerns from around 18 months. Milla was born at 32 weeks gestation, so at first her delays were put down to her prematurity. As I sat in the paediatrician’s office, I knew from the questions she was asking…

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Jurassic Creatures {Giveaway} ?>

Jurassic Creatures {Giveaway}

  I’m not going to lie. When an invitation arrived in my inbox to attend the opening session of Jurassic Creatures featuring Prehistoric Creatures of the Ice at Harbour Town Melbourne, my husband may have been slightly excited. OK, so he is counting down the sleeps he is that excited…! I can’t say I blame him really. Featuring an interactive walk through ancient world full of moving dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures of the ice, when else would we get an opportunity to…

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Ebb and Flow. ?>

Ebb and Flow.

One of the best things about writing a blog, is being able to look back on your life and see how much has changed. We are often so busy looking forward, we forget to reflect on how far we have come. In December 2012, a few months after Milla’s second birthday, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She was unable to use language to communicate, instead using it to label and repeating herself and others over and over (echolalia). She had…

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Starting School with Stuck On You! {Review and Giveaway} ?>

Starting School with Stuck On You! {Review and Giveaway}

Remember this kid? She was two years old, heading off for the first time to childcare. It was 2013, and Miss Milla had not long been diagnosed with autism. She happily waved goodbye to me, and I cried in the car park after I left her. My little baby girl had taken her first tentative steps in to the big wide world. Then somehow, this happened. In a mere ten days, this kid is starting school! For real, this is not a…

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Broken. ?>


When I was born, I had so many beautiful things. They were precious, special, just for me. But someone kept breaking them. I thought she would help me look after them, but instead she dropped them, smashed them, kicked them away. The more I asked her to stop, the more she seemed to relish taking them away from me. Even though I tried to understand that she was sad, as people had broken all that was special and precious to her; it was so hard to live…

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The One Where Everything Changed. ?>

The One Where Everything Changed.

  Yesterday I read this post that Kerri Sackville shared on her Facebook page, talking about  signs that you grew up with a toxic parent. Reading through the comments, it became clear that some people really had a very limited understanding of exactly how ‘toxic’ a parent can be. Comments along the lines of ‘everybody has issues with their parents’ and ‘be grateful you have parents’ cut me a little deep I must admit. Not everyone is lucky enough to be…

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Santa’s Magical Kingdom {Giveaway} ?>

Santa’s Magical Kingdom {Giveaway}

Can you believe it’s that time of year already?! 2015 is hurtling top speed towards Christmas, and I’m so excited to be able to offer my Melbourne readers the opportunity to win a family pass to Santa’s Magical Kingdom again. Santa’s Magical Kingdom will be at the Caulfield Racecourse, from the 21st of November to the 23rd of December. The event will include: • A magical Christmas walk-through wonderland • Snowland with the all new Snow Castle • A free gift, when you meet…

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Michael Flatley presents “Lord of the Dance- Dangerous Games.” ~ Guest Review ?>

Michael Flatley presents “Lord of the Dance- Dangerous Games.” ~ Guest Review

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of Michael Flatley’s newest production; Lord of the Dance-Dangerous Games, however unfortunately I was unable to attend. I passed the tickets along to my friend Aidan, who was very excited to take his mum along last night. Aidan has kindly provided the following review of the show for us~ “This show is brilliant! It’s a perfect mix of dance, music and song. There really is something for everyone. Our favourite parts…

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Pieces of Me. {R U OK?} ?>

Pieces of Me. {R U OK?}

R U OK? I mean really? Are you OK? Because even if you think that you should be OK, even if life is just how it should be, even if you are so damned determined to be OK, even if every single day you get up and fight like Hell to be OK, you can say no. You can tell someone, anyone, that you are not OK, that despite your very best efforts, you need help. I am not OK….

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