14,000 feet for Support For Mums.

When Milla made her unexpected arrival at 32 weeks premature, I think I spent those first few weeks in a state of shock. My husband and I drove nearly an hour each way daily, to sit beside our tiny little bubba in hospital, for nine hours a day.  We lived on hospital kiosk food and take away coffees. (You can read more about our NICU experience here) NICUWe spent every waking moment with our baby or traveling to see our baby.






All we would do at home is sleep (for me, in three hour increments, getting up to pump breast milk through the night)  Milla spent a month in hospital after her birth. During that time, we did not do a single grocery shop, or cook a single meal. The house could have probably fallen down around us, and I wouldn’t even have noticed, we were so emotionally wrought from having a sick baby in hospital.

Unfortunately this is the reality for so many families. We were lucky, Milla’s time in hospital was relatively short, in comparison to other children. We met families whose babies had been in NICU for months on end. Families where one or both parents had to return to work, bills still needed to be paid, responsibilities met. Many families had older children to care for as well, juggling their time between children, between hospital and school, stretching themselves so thin, trying to meet everyones needs.

Support For Mums is an organisation that has been established to assist families who are experiencing circumstantial crisis, such as a premature birth or a sick child, depression (pre/post natal), relationship breakdowns, death of a partner, and other sudden or unexpected changes of circumstance.  They provide short term practical support to families, to relieve some of the pressure during these stressful situations. Support for Mums will provide information and referral, practical assistance and/or funding. Information provided may include referral to appropriate services and information on government initiatives. Services may include payment of cleaners, babysitters, cooks, taxis or gardeners.

Support For Mums is a not-for-profit organisation, who rely primarily on fundraising and donations to operate.

It is with much excitement (and a good deal of terror!) that I can announce, on the 30th of November, I will be sky diving out of a plane at 14,000 feet over the St Kilda beach to raise money for this wonderful organisation! I am part of ‘Mother Jumpers’, an event run by Motivating Mum, where mothers from all over Australia jump out of a plane to raise money for Support For Mums.

mother jumper


My goal is to raise $1000 for Support For Mums. I have opened a fundraising page~ http://www.mycause.com.au/page/janethehesitanthousewife and I would be so grateful if you could make a small donation to support this organisation, that does so much to help families in crisis. So grateful in fact, that I promise I will actually JUMP OUT OF A PLANE. 14,000 FEET IN THE AIR. PROMISE. (and I will only cry a little bit!)

{If any business’s out there would like to make a donation, I am more than happy to give you a shout out on this site, and across social media. Get in touch, jane@hesitanthousewife.net }

You can find out more information about Support For Mums here, and the Mother Jumpers event here.

Most importantly, you can DONATE HERE.

I will keep you updated over the next few months of how the tally is going, and how my terror excitement is growing!



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