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 My name is Jane, (obviously!) and “Almost Jane” is an honest account of my journey from dysfunction to domestic goddess… Or at least becoming a wife, mother and woman I can be proud of. (Not necessarily in that order!)

It has taken me a long time to reach the point I’m at now, married to my soul mate, with a beautiful daughter, living by the sea on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I have made many mistakes, and a whole lot of bad choices. I still struggle with depression, grapple with demons from my past, and struggle to be the kind of person I want to be. Late in 2012 my daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and as a family we have begun a new journey of learning and understanding.


Every time I visit a new blog, I click over to the ‘About Me’ section, to find out what the blog is about, and if it’s something I would enjoy reading. As I sat in front of my computer, staring at my blank ‘About Me’ page, it occurred  to me – Instead of reading what the author thinks of their own blog, I would rather hear what the people who actually read the blog think. Why they keep coming back, why they choose to subscribe, or follow on social media.

So straight from the horses mouth ~ 

Lisa – I follow blogs if the person is “real”, has empathy, is humourous and I want to know more about their lives. I follow ‘Almost Jane’, because I relate to you as a SAHM and I am generally nosey. Following along with parallel lives puts your own troubles in perspective sometimes and I like that.

Briony– I only read blogs if a certain topic relates to me. Not the actual blog writer. However I do find yours more intetesting than some others out there. And it also has to be entertaining and interesting with a bit of humour.

Rebecca–  Funny yet honest & raw.

Erin– I follow mostly to hear about your gorgeous daughter Milla and your autism journey.10443488_639387926153942_5558227640159180895_n

I have a son who is 2.5 and recently diagnosed, it’s a hard road to travel and it’s a comfort knowing we are not alone in our struggle. I love how proud and passionate you are for your daughter, as I am for my son, and to top it all off you are hilarious, honest and it’s a real joy to read your funny status updates and your sometimes light and fluffy, sometimes incredibly raw and insightful blogs.

Lisa– I follow your blog for the following reasons:
It real, natural, funny, raw, ugly, good and bad, happy and sad, honest. You are you and do not try to change that or make us the audience see it any other way.

Lesley– Because a lot of what you say is exactly what I think or feel! Love the honesty.

Maggie-I  follow your blog because of your honesty and humour, I think that all Mums can relate to your trials and tributes on child raising, especially those with autism. I just love that you say exactly what you are thinking no matter if the situation is good or bad, I think that it puts a very human face to your blog. 10157200_615617648530970_1534435174369064796_n

Marnie– You are real and interesting, you don’t hide behind a fake persona, you are you and it is awesome reading about that. Also love your info and resources to do with Milla, some things you write about really help us out.

Rebecca– Because you don’t edit out the hard bits, you share honestly and from the heart (and because you’re awesome and because Milla is super cute!)

Selina -Pure and unedited honesty. This life is a roller coaster and you show that in a meaningful, honest and humorous way. Most of all though, you give people hope. No matter how life knocks you down, you get back up. And you do it with determination, the mind set that you will not be beaten, you will not fail. You are in inspiration.

Melanie– I follow your blog because although our daughters are sometimes very different, they’re the same age & I feel like I’m a normal mother reading about things you do/have done…


Lilli-I feel emotionally invested in your journey, I’ve been following for years now and feel like I relate to you beyond a blogger/reader. Your journey is our journey.

Over to you! If this sounds like your kind of blog, I’d love to share this crazy journey with you.

I welcome feedback, so please, always feel free to leave a comment, or drop me an email. (Click on the Contact Me tab, for more ways we can stay in touch)

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