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Life on the Spectrum. A Reflection. ?>

Life on the Spectrum. A Reflection.

Ah, April. It rolls around every year, without fail. Prior to 2013, it was just a month in the year. I had honestly no idea that is was technically World Autism Awareness Month/Week/Day (April 2nd). I did not become ‘autism aware’ until my daughter Milla was diagnosed with autism in December 2012, shortly after her second birthday. Suddenly my Facebook feed is filled with ‘Autism Awareness’ posts and events every year. Arguments for and against. Light it up blue! We…

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Bumpy and Smooth. The anatomy of a stutter. ?>

Bumpy and Smooth. The anatomy of a stutter.

This post was brought to you in partnership with Box Hill Speech Pathology Clinic* Milla was around three and a half when we first started to notice her stutter. We had already been seeing a speech pathologist for just over a year due to Milla’s autism diagnosis, so it was picked up on fairly early. Disfluency in young children can be quite common. Many move through this phase with little to no intervention, the stutter resolving itself with time. Box Hill…

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Tumbleweeds ?>


It has been oh so quiet here lately. My last blog post was on the 1st of November, LAST YEAR! There was no wrap-up of 2016, no introduction to 2017. Just… tumbleweeds. Even my Facebook page has been fairly quiet, bar the odd viral meme. I don’t really have a definitive answer as to why. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say, I lay awake at night begging my brain to just STFU so I can sleep. It…

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Autism Acceptance. ?>

Autism Acceptance.

April is Autism Awareness Month. April the 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. My daughter has autism. These are all facts I had no idea about five years ago. Milla was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder not long after her second birthday, although her paediatrician had raised concerns from around 18 months. Milla was born at 32 weeks gestation, so at first her delays were put down to her prematurity. As I sat in the paediatrician’s office, I knew from the questions she was asking…

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Ebb and Flow. ?>

Ebb and Flow.

One of the best things about writing a blog, is being able to look back on your life and see how much has changed. We are often so busy looking forward, we forget to reflect on how far we have come. In December 2012, a few months after Milla’s second birthday, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She was unable to use language to communicate, instead using it to label and repeating herself and others over and over (echolalia). She had…

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Dear Kinder Mums… ?>

Dear Kinder Mums…

Dear kinder mums, It’s not you, it’s me. Well it might be a little bit you. You see, I know I’m not easy to get to know. I’m sure I come across flakey and distant. Even when we find ourselves in situations where you can’t avoid smiling politely and attempting small talk; my attention is never with you 100%. I am always strung so tightly, scanning the environment for triggers, on high alert for the next crisis. The few times…

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My Child Is Not Just Like Yours. ?>

My Child Is Not Just Like Yours.

“My child is exactly the same!” I hear it all the time. I’m sure it’s meant as a reassurance, a pat on the back, comradery. “We’re in this together!” Except my child has Autism, and your child does not. If your child is just like mine, you should probably get them assessed. My child’s ‘tantrum’ is actually a meltdown, because her body and mind cannot logically process the information she is receiving. This slight change in routine is not ‘upsetting’, it…

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Helping Children With Autism Funding. What Next? ?>

Helping Children With Autism Funding. What Next?

As soon as Milla was diagnosed with Autism, we were handed the paper work to apply for “Helping Children with Autism”  (HCWA) funding. This provides $12,000 to children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, to use on selected therapies and resources, until the age of seven. $12,000. That’s a lot right? It’s also one hell of a responsibility to hand to parents, still shell shocked from an ASD diagnosis. Although you are technically assigned an ‘Autism Advisor’, who talks you…

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2015. ?>


At midnight, as the new millennium clicked over, the year 2000, I stood in the CBD of Melbourne. I swayed a little, drunk, as I strained to see the fireworks over the heads of the crowd that swarmed around me. I was with my boyfriend, who would one day become my husband, then soon after, my ex-husband. He was angry at me for the aforementioned drunken-ness. My new years resolution was quitting smoking; the first of many attempts. My work colleagues cat…

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. ?>

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.

Next Saturday Milla’s ballet school will be performing their annual concert. As much as Milla has loved her ballet classes this year, she won’t be participating. We wondered how she would go, as the time grew nearer. Miss Milla is a creature of habit, and the final month in the lead up to the concert has involved ‘rehearsals’; longer class times, held in a different room, with other groups. Her ballet teacher, whom she adores, is heavily pregnant, and has…

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