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One. Not Only. ?>

One. Not Only.

Dear Milla, I’m sorry. I know how desperately you want to be a big sister. How much you want to have a little brother or sister of your own. I understand, I spent eighteen years as an ‘only’ child wishing I had a brother or sister to share my childhood with. I swore I would never have an ‘only’ child, I always dreamed of having a big family. Your Daddy grew up with three brothers, I think he also hoped for…

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Button Baby Giveaway in Support of Miracle Babies Foundation ?>

Button Baby Giveaway in Support of Miracle Babies Foundation

I was recently approached to work with Button Baby; a boutique online store for babies, toddlers and their mums, who were interested in donating a portion of their sales in October to a charity which supports sick and premature babies. As you know, my daughter Milla was born two months premature, so I suggested supporting the organisation Miracle Babies Foundation. Miracle Babies Foundation supports premature and sick newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them. They offer programs…

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14,000 feet for Support For Mums. ?>

14,000 feet for Support For Mums.

When Milla made her unexpected arrival at 32 weeks premature, I think I spent those first few weeks in a state of shock. My husband and I drove nearly an hour each way daily, to sit beside our tiny little bubba in hospital, for nine hours a day.  We lived on hospital kiosk food and take away coffees. (You can read more about our NICU experience here) We spent every waking moment with our baby or traveling to see our…

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Wordless Wednesday ~ My baby turns two. ?>

Wordless Wednesday ~ My baby turns two.

Today my gorgeous girl turns two years old. Sometimes it is hard to believe that she was ever that teeny tiny little prem baby, she has come so far in two years. We are so proud of her, and love her to the moon and back xx Linking up with and for Wordless Wednesday.

Friend From Afar. ?>

Friend From Afar.

I’ve mentioned before about a lovely group of friends I’ve made from a forum of mums expecting bubs in December 2010. There is one special friend I made, who ended up playing a very important role in my life. Kirsty’s waters broke at 22 weeks, and her little miracle girl Imogen was born at 26 weeks. So teeny tiny, but such a fighter. I followed updates of how Kirsty and Imogen were going, amazed at their strength, and Immie’s progress….

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Wordless Wednesday ~ The Little Girl That Could. ?>

Wordless Wednesday ~ The Little Girl That Could.

Originally this post was going to about my daughter, her developmental delays, and the fact that our paediatrician wants her to be assessed for autism. The trouble is, I don’t know what to write. I don’t know how I feel. Some days I’m convinced that nothing is wrong, other days I’m certain the paediatrician is right. We are seeing a speech pathologist next week, maybe that will provide more clarity. Maybe after that, I can succinctly describe my thoughts, my…

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Baby Baby Baby. ?>

Baby Baby Baby.

My whole life, I’ve always wanted to be a mother. Maybe it had to do with my desperate need for a family? Whatever the reason, it has always been my goal. In my year 12 yearbook, under ‘What I want to achieve’, I listed “to have 2.3 children, a labrador and a white picket fence”. Life doesn’t always turn out how you plan it. In 2007, I lost twins. I started to believe that I would never have a child….

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