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We need the men. ?>

We need the men.

  Walking home from childcare today in my moonboot, a construction worker asks what I did to my foot. I told him it was broken; “Ha! Bloody boyfriends ay! He knock you down? Hahahahaha!” Because domestic violence is hilarious, apparently. I wanted to follow this with a hard hitting fact about how many women have been murdered by a partner/ex-partner this year. Turns out it is difficult to get an exact up to date figure, since on average two woman…

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I Have A Question, Mr Prime Minister. ?>

I Have A Question, Mr Prime Minister.

I’m a little confused. I think perhaps our Government might be too. You see, according to the Parliament of Australia website, the role of the Senate and House of Representatives {is} to represent the interests of Australians and to ‘make laws for the peace, order and good government of the nation’ (section 51 Australian Constitution). So, the role of the elected Government is to represent the interests of the people of Australia. Well, the people of Australia have a question…

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I’m horrified. You should be too. ?>

I’m horrified. You should be too.

Warning- This post contains images that readers may find disturbing. Something happened in the last week. Something shocking, horrifying, beyond comprehension. If you were to read the newspapers, or watch mainstream news broadcasts, you may think I’m referring to the Essendon football club drug ‘scandal’. After all, that has been making headlines not just in the last week, but for months. Apparently a decision was made this week, normal TV programing was interrupted for breaking press conferences and special edition…

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I Support Marriage Equality. ?>

I Support Marriage Equality.

Fi from My Mummy Daze has created a movement in support of Gay Marriage amongst the blogging community. In her post she states: “Let’s demonstrate the collective power of bloggers to use our voice to share a message, and to respectfully articulate our views to influence social change.” I support marriage equality. I believe that any two people who love each other and are committed to each other should have the right to enter into a legally recognised marriage. No matter their race,…

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