Dyson. A Love Story. {v6absolute review}

Confession- I am a bit of a Dyson fangirl. A few years ago I finally bought my very own, the cordless handstick model DC45 Animal. It was love at first sight. Seriously, the handstick vac is the lazy cleaners best friend. No cord, no lugging around a heavy machine, just zoom zoom done.

When I was offered the opportunity to review the brand spanking new Dyson model v6absolute, I jumped at the chance. However, secretly I wondered how it could compete with my love for the DC45. I mean, how much easier could vacuuming get than zoom zoom done?

On the surface the two seemed very similar. Both are cordless hand sticks, that can convert to hand held cleaners for couches, cars etc. Both have the Dyson patented cyclone technology (the thing that makes all the dirt and dust spin around inside) Both are easy to empty, just push a lever on the outside and it opens up and dumps all the dirt straight into the rubbish bin.

However it turns out that the v6absolute has a few more nifty little features to tempt me away from my first love…

  • The v6absolute comes with two cleaner heads- the soft roller cleaner head for hard floors, and the direct-drive cleaner head for carpets.
  • The direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper in to the carpet than any previous models. The thing I love about it is the change in design from the DC45 motorised cleaning head, which allows fur and hair to get sucked in to the barrel, as opposed to getting tangled around the smaller bristles. With Milla’s long hair and a certain fur shedding cat, I was forever trying to untangle all the hair out of the bristles of the DC45.

    On the left is the v6absolute direct-drive cleaner head and on the right is the DC45 motorised cleaner head.
    On the left is the v6absolute direct-drive cleaner head and on the right is the DC45 motorised cleaner head.
  • The soft roller cleaner head is a new feature, and is brilliant for hard floors. It manages to pick up larger debris (or what we refer to as ‘Milla’s leftovers’) as well as cleaning up the smaller dust (sand!!) particles. Dyson
  • The filter also has a sealed system to ensure that the air that leaves the machine is cleaner than the air you breath. Very helpful for a husband with allergies. Sorry honey, no excuses now! Dyson
  • The v6absolute comes with 2 tier Radial cyclones, and an increased suction power on boost from 65AW to 1000AW! I’m sorry, DC45 who…?

    Look at the difference!
    Look at the difference!

The Dyson v6absolute also comes with

  1. A mini motorised tool, with stiff nylon bristles which work really well on furniture and in the car. dyson5
  2. A long crevice tool, perfect for sucking up those crumbs in between couch cushions. (I’m looking at you Milla!) Dyson3
  3. A combination accessory tool, which is great for leather couches or other delicate upholstery.

You can find out more about the v6absolute on the Dyson website here.

*Disclaimer- I was gifted the Dyson v6absolute to review. All opinions/fangirling are my own. No children or husbands were harmed in the writing of this review.*





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