Kmart Endless Days Of Play Giveaway

Last week I was invited to an event to celebrate the introduction of a new toy range from Kmart. The night before, I thought I’d have a look at Kmart’s new Facebook page. People were not happy. It seemed that Kmart had made the decision to no longer offer the mid year toy sales and six month Christmas layby. As what often happens via social media, people were whipped up in a frenzy. I was interested to see how it would be addressed the following day, and what the reasoning behind this decision would be.

KmartThe launch was hosted by Tracy Spicer, and featured the General Manager of Kmart, and the Kmart Head of Toys (coolest job EVER!)

There was a lot of discussion on the background of Kmart, the business, and changes that had been made to evolve with Australian consumers.

The important points that people want to know though, is why the change, and what’s in it for us (the consumers)?

  • Kmart conducted independent research with Australian consumers. 94% said they would prefer lower prices every day, rather than inflated prices year round to allow for half yearly sales.
  • Last year 30% of the Christmas 6 monthly laybys were returned by customers. Feedback was that children changed their minds in that six month period, and also that new toys were released in the months following the mid year toy sales.
  • Kmart has released a new range of quality toys, across all ages/developmental stages, that will remain at a fixed lower price than similar ranges from competitors, for the next six months.
  • Branded toys will still be available from Kmart, and if advertised at a cheaper price elsewhere, Kmart will match that price.
  • Kmart have committed to only working with factories that meet strict standards of safety and social compliance, and have signed The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

Personally, I am happy with the changes that Kmart made. The “Endless Days of Play” campaign suits our family. I want to be able to purchase quality toys at a lower rate all year. Milla’s birthday is in October and she has lots of little friends with birthdays in the next six months. I want to know that I can walk into a store and purchase toys at an affordable price, every day of the year. Call me lazy, (because I am a little!) but I really don’t have the time or energy to plan my shopping around several different department stores, months in advance.

Of course, the most important question ~ “What about the children? Is anyone thinking about the children??”   What will our kids think of this new range of toys?

After the Kmart presentation, the curtains opened to reveal every child’s dream; a virtual toy shop where they could touch and play with EVERYTHING!

KmartAnd play they did!

kmart3 KmartKmartKmart














There is a huge range of toys, across all ages and interests.  The toys are made to compliment the big ‘branded’ toys, eg. The pink convertible car fits the Barbie brand doll, the building table fits the Leggo brand blocks etc. My personal favourites are the wooden toys. Gorgeous wooden doll houses, Noah’s Arc, train tables etc. To see the full range, you can view the Kmart Endless Days Of Play catalogue here.

Like what you see? Well, Kmart is giving you the opportunity to win a $150 voucher to celebrate the launch of the new range! To enter, please follow the prompts below, and comment on which toy from the Kmart Endless Days of Play catalogue you would have loved as a child.  Me? I would have loved the Roller Shoes. Why walk when you can skate right? (told you I was lazy!)

Competition closes at midnight EST on Friday the 28th June. Good Luck!

*Disclaimer- I attended the launch of the Kmart Endless Days Of Play campaign/toy range, and Milla received a couple of toys from the new toy range as a gift. I was not requested, or under any obligation, to write a post, and all views, as always, are my own.*

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99 comments on “Kmart Endless Days Of Play Giveaway

  • Kaye Parker , Direct link to comment

    The vintage cruiser bike…as kids we rode our bikes everywhere…living in the suburbs we had 6 different parks around us that we could go to depending on what we wanted to do…and the bike rides to our friends house before hand so we could all go together was fantastic and many happy memories were made…

  • Crystal Jones , Direct link to comment

    Definately the pink princess tent! I loved all that stuff as a child :)

  • Kristy Gray , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the Lil Woodzeez sets, they are so cute and I loved playing with little figures… only we never had anything as cool as the treehouse!!!

  • Marnie , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the pop up cubby houses we use to love making cubbies indoors but they always fell down :) those would have been perfect :)

  • Stephanie Veljanovska , Direct link to comment

    I would of Loved the Wooden Doll House I was always Playing with Dolls Everywhere.

  • Kim , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the wooden dollhouse with every thing in it, then a bike, use to ride for miles when I was a kid, love living in a country town, :)

  • Holly , Direct link to comment

    A wooden kitchen! I always wanted one growing up! I’d love to get one for my kids. Have to say I suck at keeping presents hidden so was a little disappointed that they weren’t doing the extended lay buying this year, means ill just go closer to Christmas to lay buy though so handy if the kids change their minds I guess!

  • Jess , Direct link to comment

    My little brother and sister and I would have spent hours ‘baking’ in the wooden kitchen. I can still see my mum smiling as we bought her a mud pie ‘insisting’ she must try lol. The wooden cakes would have been so much ‘tastier’ for her!

  • Nicole Finney , Direct link to comment

    Today my son and I went Christmas and birthday shopping for his little sister. We brought the complete wooden doll house set with extra little people, a sheet set , mirror and flower rug.. A whole trolley full to the brim for under $150!
    I would love to go back and spoil him for being to selfless and not asking for anything, even though there was 3 very awesome toys he had his eye on. He is very deserving! 3 special toys I would have loved for myself as a child! A wooden train set, a pillow pet and a remote control helicopter! Thanks for the chance at make ‘our’ wishes come true!

  • Lisa Furnival-Monk , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the sleep time projector buddy. It would have allowed me to sit up and talked to my sister with a little glow instead of the big light on and mum and dad telling us to turn it off and sleep lol.

  • Erin , Direct link to comment

    Definitely the wooden kitchen – I loved that stuff as a kid. Either that or the DVD players for the car. We went around Australia as kids and one of those totally would have helped some of the crazy long hours in the car!!

  • Claire Lariviere , Direct link to comment

    I would have LOVED the Woodlands family and treehouse. In fact I would still love to play with it.

  • Lauren , Direct link to comment

    I love the beautiful pink dolls house. Every little girls dream!

  • Maree Moffat , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the wooden puppet show stage. How awesome to be able be able to put on your own puppet show.

  • Judith , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the roller shoes too! I could never get the hang of roller skates or roller blades so I think these would have been perfect. :)

  • Kylie Williams , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved all the wooden toy sets they are so cute! And definitely the kitchen :)

  • Jade , Direct link to comment

    I had a vivid imagination as a child so the wooden puppet theatre would have been the best present!

  • sapna , Direct link to comment

    It is very difficult to choose one toy but I am totally in love with LEGO Creative Tower as this would have kept me busy for hours and I could have used my imagination to create different things.

  • Becky from Beckyandjames , Direct link to comment

    The wooden kitchen! I never had anything like that and would have loved to use my imagination in something so very adorable!

  • Michelle V , Direct link to comment

    I would’ve loved the shopping trolley with plastic food.
    I’d spend endless hours with my sister playing ‘shops’. but we didn’t have a trolley or food, we used to use margarine tubs and milk bottles that mum had washed and recycled for us. This would’ve made those imaginary days a bit more fun!

  • Karen Edwards , Direct link to comment

    I would of loved the Wooden tea party set with cake it would of been something I could of passed onto my little kiddies

  • Claire Lenton , Direct link to comment

    I would have to say that kitchen! it would of been awesome having that in my cubby house :)

  • Lilybett , Direct link to comment

    Can’t wait till Dear Boy is old enough for the Human Biology set. Determined to raise a little geek, just like his neuroscientist Daddy.
    Lilybett recently posted…A rejoinderMy Profile

  • Dom , Direct link to comment

    I was a massive fan of dinosaur and animal figurines as a kid so I’d probably love how cheap the figures are and I would have made my mother buy a lot.

  • Jo-Anne Wizz , Direct link to comment

    Just LLLOOOVVVEEE IT :-) Wooden Construction Table great to put all the art stuff – colour pencils paper colouring books other stationery sharing with my six sisters three brothers as well as playing board games anything that comes to mind always highly creative imaginative as well played a lot outside had a large blackboard outside to draw on!! <3 I'm Number 4! Hehehe!!! :-) <3

  • Rachel T , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the interactive horse ($39) I was such a softie as a kid (and still am!) and I just loved taking care of things – pets, dolls etc! And it would have been a great companion for my overactive imagination!

  • Kylie D , Direct link to comment

    I would have LOVED the Li’l Woodzeez family treehouse playset!

    My 3 year old has already pointed it out in the catalogue a number of times, like Mother like Daughter!

  • Kim , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the dress up clothes, they are awesome, I always loved dressing up when I was a kid.

  • Jessie Hay , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the Li’l Woodzeez family treehouse playset! :)

  • Senga , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved a trampoline when I was a kid. Unfortunately my worrisome Mum always thought they were too dangerous and we never got one, but it is on the Christmas wish list for my kids this year and I have it on good authority from Santa that he will be fulfilling their wish ….shhhhh ;)

  • Kate , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the dolls house or the ride and glide coaster as a child, in fact I’d probably still love the dolls house and I know my twin toddlers would love the coaster!!
    Kate recently posted…Meal planning this weekMy Profile

  • Alison , Direct link to comment

    It would have definitely been the been the wooden dolls house, I always wanted one as a child

  • Charmaine Campbell , Direct link to comment

    I was very into Barbie’s as a child, I would have loved the “Holiday Air jet play set” so that Barbie and Ken could have gone on a luxury Honeymoon when I married them off every time I played with them!

  • Rachael , Direct link to comment

    I would have definitely loved the pop up castle or the wooden dolls set when I was little – hours and hours of imagination!

  • Tegan , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the kitchen…in fact if we had the room I would have bought it for Mr 3 because for once a kitchen is unisex!

    As for the changes, I’m not impressed. To me Kmart has always had affordable toys and the prices weren’t that much different or inflated than the toy sales. I liked the convenience of the 6 month layby because it meant that I could buy the big ticket items like swing set or trampoline because I could afford to pay it off over 6 months. Not to mention I didn’t have to worry about hiding it for 6 months until Christmas!
    Tegan recently posted…I’m not perfectMy Profile

  • Karen L , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the Sparkly Mosaics Diary, and the Fashion Angles Tapefitti Handbag Design Kit. How cool! S o much cool and creative stuff for kids these days. :)

  • Melanie , Direct link to comment

    The wooden dollhouse and the pop up tents :)
    Growing up I always wanted a doll house and never did get one and now I have a daughter I will be getting her one when she is old enough.
    And the pop up tents would of been great so mum didn’t have to destroy my table fort every night before dinner lol

  • Sharon Fawcett , Direct link to comment

    The Interactive Horse as I was the most horse mad child ever!

  • Deb , Direct link to comment

    I’ve always loved language and reading, and apparently as a
    kid I tried to create my own alphabet! I would have loved the Learning
    Journey ABC’s and counting twin pack, or any of the huge selection of
    books I know Kmart have!

  • Carolyn , Direct link to comment

    Li’l Woodzeez family treehouse playset with the Whoo’s Whoo’s owl family and Hoppingood’s rabbit family. These remind of the Sylvanian families that were around when I was a little girl. I never had any to play with though as they were too expensive for my parents to buy :(

  • Chont , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the Li’l Woodzeez family treehouse playset. It’s great!

  • Jodie F , Direct link to comment

    the wooden kitchen- i was obsessed with dramatic play and loved playing “houses” for hours. Never had something as cool at this though!

  • Kirsty , Direct link to comment

    I love all the wooden toys too! Am thinking of getting Mimmie the wooden doll house for her birthday

  • Zoey Jackson , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the kitchen. They didnt make cute kitcjens like that when i was a kid!

  • Bri , Direct link to comment

    I think my daughter would enjoy the wooden kitchen and the pots and pans set. She is forever pulling stuff out of the plastics cupboard to “cook” and “bake” with.

  • Ashley Pieper , Direct link to comment

    Would have to be the supermarket Playset :) pretending to be a grown up and do the shopping and pay with ” money” Is what I would have loved doing when younger :) If only we had half the toys the kids have these day :) x

  • Natasha Andrews , Direct link to comment

    I adore the fashion toddler doll and all the clothes and I have a feeling Miss 4 will too!!

    I love the new direction for K-mart, I personally prefer to buy toys closer to the event (birthday or christmas) so I know I am getting the right gift for what the kids like then.

  • ann , Direct link to comment

    I totally have my eye on the lego stuff, the table in particular!!

  • Melissa Gasson , Direct link to comment

    I love any of the doll things such as highchair, prams, talking dolls etc.
    They didnt have anything fancy like that when i was younger :)

  • Jasmine , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the Wooden kitchen playset, so I could get more cooking practices under my belt. If I had the kitchen playset, I wouldn’t have ‘burnt’ my kitchen down

  • Caitlyn Deigan , Direct link to comment

    My little girl has just got to the age where everyone in the house including stuffed toys and the dog have to sit with her and have endless tea party’s and yummy meals such as little people animals and puzzle pieces! I would love to get her the wooden kitchen and all the accessories to go with it just in time for her up and coming birthday xx

  • Kylie Kissick , Direct link to comment

    I would buy my daughter the wooden kitchen play set. It looks amazing and I’m sure she would have so much fun playing with it.

  • kerryanne b , Direct link to comment


    I never had it growing up so it would be brilliant!

  • Georgie Williams , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the Li’L Woodzeez Family Treehouse. I always wanted one that was similar when I was younger and never got it!!!
    I love the changes that Kmart has made with prices, policies & new toys.

  • Marcia Coventry , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the Nursery Rhyme Telling Mother Goose. I loved books as a child and still do. Amazing low prices, $20 what a bargain!

  • Kelly , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the little doll house. The best part of having two little girls is being able to buy the toys you wish you had when you were little.

  • Michelle Harrison , Direct link to comment

    I would of loved the Pink Princess Tent, so I could escape and be a princess in my own castle

  • Rebecca Andrew , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the keyboard, I loved instruments, in fact, I did have a recorder and used to practice after school, until Mum told me that their were noise restrictions and after 4pm I had to stop…………. I bet she thought she was clever ;-)

  • Andrea carter , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the princess tent! My daughter is getting one for her bedroom in our new house xo

  • Vanessa Poskus , Direct link to comment

    I would love the slot car set; I always used to hog my brother’s when we were kids!

  • Ally L , Direct link to comment

    The Woodlands Tree House and OWL family!!!! I tell ya, Santa will be bringing that for ME this year if I’m lucky!

  • Aileen Kempa , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved the wooden playset kitchen as a kid. I used to have a kitchen when I was wee, but it was only a cardboard box. I loved it so much and used it all the time, but somehow my bigger brothers always ended up destroying it by either playing on top of it and squishing it or my dog ate it. :o)

  • Marleisa , Direct link to comment

    OMG – you must have been a fly on the wall yesterday when I was visiting a girlfriend. We had this exact conversation about the toy sales and why K Mart wasn’t have one. Thanks so much for the post – we were on the right track with the info!
    As for the toys we love – play food and kitchen stuff is the hit of the moment. Thanks
    Marleisa recently posted…The InterviewsMy Profile

  • Jodi , Direct link to comment

    The wooden dollhouse!! I was always playing with my barbies and never had a “house” for them…

  • Emma , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved loved the Moon in my Room, I didn’t like the dark as a child, and my glow zone stickers just didn’t cut it :)

  • Charlotte L. , Direct link to comment

    I’d have loved the little Woodzeez family treehouse! Too cute :)

  • Erin , Direct link to comment

    I can’t decide! I’m the youngest of 4 girls so I was thoughly spoilt with a lot of shared toys. I’m going to go with the dress ups, who doesn’t want to be a princess!

  • Sarah , Direct link to comment

    The wooden camper set would have complimented my imaginitive play & made me smile as a child. The wooden toy range at Kmart is a favourite in our home.

  • Donna W , Direct link to comment

    Definitely the “woodzeez” that would be something I would’ve loved to have as a child. Just to lose yourself in your imagination. Childs play is a wonderful thing.

  • Natalie , Direct link to comment

    I would have loved an art easel as everyone else seemed to have had one but me and I loved drawing and painting.

  • Joanne Hillsley , Direct link to comment

    My godson is obsessed with cars, trucks, planes, tractors etc…he would LOVE the remote control monster truck!

  • Zoe Gray , Direct link to comment

    ROLLER SHOES!!! I would have rolled away from the bad times and Rolled my way to happiness. What life wouldn’t be awesome with roller shoes best of both worlds!!

  • Valerie , Direct link to comment

    I love Lego. Lego is a great toy for kids to develop some creative skill.

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