Monster Jam {Giveaway}

My husband has chauffeured accompanied us to many events, most of them princess related. He’s met Anna and Elsa, Rapunzel, even Cinderella. He’s carried tiaras, been covered in glitter and squeezed himself in to tea cup rides and miniature trains. He’s such a good Daddy to his own little princess.

Then a slightly different opportunity arrived in my inbox, with nay a princess in sight…

Monstor Jam 5

Monster Jam

Monster Jam

Monster Jam will be hitting our shores in October, and it is going to be EPIC. The show will feature four unique Monster Jam driver competitions – Monster Jam Wheelies, Racing, Donuts and the coveted Freestyle competitions, along with the Freestyle Motocross and Quad Wars.

Standing at nearly four metres wide and tall, these trucks weigh a whopping 5,500kg. Despite their impressive size, Monster Jam trucks can cover up to 50m in a single leap and reach up to 12m in the air. We’re talking some seriously jaw-dropping stunts. There is also the opportunity to purchase tickets to the ‘Party in the Pits’ ahead of a show, where fans can get up close with their favourite Monster Jam trucks, before meeting the superstar drivers.

Monster Jam 4

Monster Jam

“Oh honey, would you be interested in taking our brothers along to this Monster Jam thing? You know, lots of massive trucks flying through the air and crushing stuff? Not sure you will meet any princesses there, but you will be able to go in the pits and meet the drivers…”


I think I just won me some serious brownie points ;)


Monster Jam will be touring the country in October-

01 October – 7pm – QSAC, Brisbane

08 October – 2pm and 7pm – AAMI Park, Melbourne

15 October – 7pm – Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

22 October – 7pm – ANZ Stadium, Sydney

29 October – 2pm and 7:30pm – Domain Stadium, Perth

You can purchase tickets for Brisbane and Perth via Ticketmaster, and tickets for Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney via Ticketek.

To find out more information about Monster Jam you can visit the website here, and keep up to date with any news via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I am so excited to be able to offer one lucky reader a family pass (4 tickets) to the Melbourne Monster Jam 2pm show on the 8th of October, PLUS 4 tickets to the Party in the Pits, PLUS a merchandise pack. I also have a merchandise pack for the runner up including a Monster Jam yearbook, ear muffs, truck and a flag. All you need to do is follow the prompts below, and leave a comment on this post telling me what your Monstor Truck name would be. Competition closes midnight the 23rd of July. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions~

This competition is open only to residents of Victoria.
This competition runs from 15th of July 2016 to midnight on the 22nd of July 2016.
The winner of this competition shall be drawn randomly using the ‘Rafflecopter’ application.
The winner will be announced on the blog {Almost Jane} the day after the giveaway has closed, and will be contacted by email. The winner needs to reply within 3 days to claim prize otherwise prize will be re-drawn.
Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
Prize is not transferable.
The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner.

59 comments on “Monster Jam {Giveaway}

  • Jessica McLardie , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be ‘boys eat dirt’
    To remind me boys are different and they simply have to wrestle each other and it’s normal for them to eat dirt

  • Kim , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be Mighty Hearty as we have 3 girls and our middle daughter Emily is a huge Monster Truck fan and is a Heartkid who has faced many battles in her 9 years. She is a mighty hearty kid with a massive spirit.

  • Sharon morris , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be “cool nanna” because my 5 grandsons would love that.

  • Tania , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be pit princess and my son’s would definitely be double trouble ??.

  • Bree Jessup , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be GIRLZ RULE! Because us girls would take Daddy to the Monster Trucks and he’d loooove it! ?
    (Better than princesses and musicals!)

  • Helen Harrington , Direct link to comment

    My Monster Truck name would be Mombie a play on the Zombie Monster Truck name.
    Mombie (n) Resembles an actual person, characterised by staggering walk and blank stare. Caused by having one or more children. Only known cure is sleep but can be treated with coffee, or by winning an awesome completion where their dad can take them to see Monster Trucks!

  • Erin , Direct link to comment

    Our son would name his Monster Truck Crazy Crusher! & if it was our daughter it would be Roar or Arlo after her fav creatures of the month dinosaurs lol..

  • Renee , Direct link to comment

    I think my monster truck name would be “Devil In Disguise” i would make it look simply sweet but on the inside mean as hell. :)

  • Julie Kutchel , Direct link to comment

    My Monster Truck name would be Awesome Spectrum….. for my gorgeous young man Nicholas who is on the Autism Spectrum and is just desperate to see these giant monster trucks do their stuff. I thought his enthusiasm was a boy thing, but hey I’m getting on board with this whole dirt rambling thing.

  • Holly , Direct link to comment

    My 4 year old is monster jam obsessed and he said he would call his truck killer kangaroo.

  • Dianna Rye , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be Dominator after my grandson who just loves monster trucks

  • Kym hughes , Direct link to comment

    Our families monster truck name would be ‘the wally’ from my partner & our 2 sons last names being wallis, and we are abit of a Wally at times to! Great blog!
    Thanks xx
    Kym & the wallys

  • Michelle Butke , Direct link to comment

    My son would call his truck Grave Digger because according to him it’s the one he’s going to drive when he grows up…
    He is only 3 after all lol

  • Rikki , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be ‘Loch Ness Monster’ as that what we call my son Lachie sometimes.

  • Kate Jannese , Direct link to comment

    The name I would choose for my truck is “MUMMY’S MAD MONSTER MOBILE”!
    We go to Coles every Friday and my boy buys a little Monster Jam truck with his pocket money. To see the real thing would blow his mind!
    Thanks for the chance – what a fantastic prize!
    Good luck everyone!

  • Sammi Ogden , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be “Sammi’s Survivers. We have had a rough year medically so it would symbolise my boys trooping through trialling times and having fun ?

  • Jess Lourey , Direct link to comment

    My boys monster truck name would be ginger ninja! This is because of their beautiful red coloured hair they would love to see the big monster trucks!

  • Michelle Willoughby , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be
    BLAZIN’ BULLDOG and my truck would red white and blue with a studded collar..

  • Melissa puli , Direct link to comment

    My Monster Truck name would be Snape… After my favourite Harry Potter character!

  • Kristy Billett , Direct link to comment

    My Monster Truck name would be Phoenix Storm. My 5 year old’s name is Phoenix and is a HUGE MAX-D fan. The storm part is because i love storms. Especially of a night time you get a spextacular show!

  • Gemma , Direct link to comment

    Our monster truck name would be ‘The Weapon’ as it’s always been a lucky name for our family.

  • Karyn , Direct link to comment

    On behalf of my son, who I’d love to take, his Monster truck name would be Commander Cam… So funny thinking of and reading lal these funny names!!

  • Ebony , Direct link to comment

    My 8 year old sons monster truck name would be Mohawk Madness! Suits him to a tee.

  • Bacarra Derks , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be ‘Queen Mumma’ because although I am the Queen of how family winning these tickets will ensure I continue to rule!!!

  • Glen Bodey , Direct link to comment

    Our Families Monster truck name would be “TARZAN” with a jungle themed Paint design

  • Nicole , Direct link to comment

    My monster truck name would be ” nanny’s crusher ” for my monster truck mad grandson.

  • Jen , Direct link to comment

    My kids would love to finally see the Monsters in the flesh! My truck would be the The Flying Scot with tartan and saltires featured, good luck all!

  • Cassie Thomas , Direct link to comment

    Oh my 2 boys would love to win this! They would name their monster trucks “Kryptonite” and “The Wither”. What an awesome opportunity!

  • Mel , Direct link to comment

    Yay something for the males in my house lol
    Mr16 would be “negativity” & my miss 11 Said if she was a monster truck she’d be called “unicorn cookies”

    • Tory , Direct link to comment

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    • Elida , Direct link to comment

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  • Hannah Lee , Direct link to comment

    Our “family” monster truck name would be “the embracer” as we are a family of ASD, we aim to embrace one and all just as we wish to embraced…..

  • Mette , Direct link to comment

    According to my 2 year old our monster truck name would be Buzz (slight Toy Story obsession)!

  • shey gust , Direct link to comment

    I’d call mine The Bullant cause there big (as far as ant size goes) and they can crawl over anything

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