Mothers Day Printables ~ Featuring Kristy Gray Designs

The prompt for todays post, in the Blog Every Day of May challenge, is to ‘educate’ you on something…  Well, I’m going to cheat and call in the help of my beautiful friend Kristy from Kristy Gray Designs to show us all how to create stunning table settings for Mothers Day, on May 12th. Kristy has also very kindly provided the PDF files for all the printables pictured so everyone can download them for free!

Kristy is such a talented woman, She designed my babushka dolls blog header, as well as my profile picture that I use on my Facebook page and around the internet. I have also used Kristy Gray Designs to make Milla’s naming day invites, the first birthday/surprise wedding invites as well as our thank you cards after the wedding. She can either design invites/party printables for you, and email you the PDF file to print yourself, or she also offers a printing service (for people like me, who can’t even cut straight!) You can check out more of her work, and thank her for these gorgeous printables over on her Facebook page.

Below you can see some examples of how you can use the print outs to create a beautiful mothers day theme, for a special lunch or dinner. Kristy recommends printing on 210gsm paper for best results; or you can take the files into Officeworks,who offer a variety of paper thickness and finishes starting at around $1.08 per A4 sheet.

Mothers Day Bunting
Mothers Day Cupcakes

Mothers Day Drinks
Mothers Day Food
Mothers Day Fruit
Mothers Day Juice
Mothers Day Scones
Mothers Day Sign (1)

Mothers Day Sign (2)
Mothers Day Table *Tip* The cupcake stand for this display was created by placing a plate on top of a mug. A simple and cute way to add a bit of height to your presentation.
Mothers Day Wine

Below is the PDF file that contains all of the printables pictured. Simply click on the link and save the file to your computer.


Again, I would like to say a huge thank you to Kristy Gray Designs for providing these printables exclusively for The Hesitant Housewife.  Seeing as I don’t have a creative bone in my body, it’s given me such a great opportunity to provide you all with something a little different to what I can normally offer.

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