Myer MyKids Emporium {Giveaway}

~Disclaimer: I was a guest at the media launch of MyKids Emporium in Melbourne. As a ‘thank you’ for writing this post, I was given two Myer vouchers, one of which I am giving away to one lucky reader. ~

Myer Emporium

Straight up, I need to apologise. You see, I was a guest at the media launch of the brand new Myer MyKids Emporium. I’m not going to lie, I felt like a kid at Christmas! So much cool stuff to check out; however I may have got distracted somewhat… cabbage patch dolls adoptionLet me take you back 30-odd-years or so. Picture a small child, let’s call her ‘Jane’. All she wanted in the world was her very own cabbage patch doll, to love and cherish. What did she get? A cheap rip-off fake ‘cabbage patch’. Despite trying to fool her friends, by drawing on a belly button, and forging the signature on the dolls bottom; (two trademarks of a legit cabbage patch doll) it was still glaringly obvious that this crappy doll was not the real deal.

Back to present day, and I’m sure now you can understand why I was drawn to the Cabbage Patch Adoption Centre. Whilst everyone else was busy chatting to Ryan McNaught aka “The Brickman” and taking photos of the truly phenomenal LEGO constructions on display, I was busy choosing the most perfect cabbage patch baby for me for Milla to love and cherish for ever and ever.

Believe me though when I tell you the LEGO concept area was absolutely amazing. ‘The Brickman’ is crazy talented, his replica of Flinders St station was spot on. This LEGO retail space is set to be the highest selling LEGO outlet in the Southern Hemisphere.

Some other key concept areas at the MyKids Emporium include:

Barbie Boutique ~ Barbie BoutiqueAustralia’s largest Barbie retail and play space. And yes, that is a giant pink sparkly high heel. So. Much. Pretty.

Thomas The Tank Engine Train Station~ thomas the tank engineFeaturing a Thomas The Tank carriage that children can sit in and pretend to drive.

Little Tikes Driving Track ~ This was a cool little track where kids can take one of the Little Tikes vehicles for test drive. As well as being super fun, this also gives parents the opportunity to see which cars and trucks are the right ‘fit’ for their child. Nothing worse than buying something in the box, then when you get it out, your child is too small to push it along with their little legs. (Speaking from experience on that one!)

Action Hero Area~ This area is flexible, in that it can be changed around depending upon what the ‘hit’ toys are at the time. For example, a new Transformers movie is coming out soon, so all the transformer toys are featuring at the moment. It also includes the classics like Marvel heroes and Star Wars.

Other areas at the MyKids emporium are the Nursery/Baby section. Everything you need for the little ones is all in one place. Myer Emporium nursery toysAlso, the Childrenswear Department is part of the MyKids Emporium, with clothing grouped by age and gender.Myer Emporium clothesThe actual design of the MyKids Emporium has had a lot of thought put into it. All of the aisles are wide enough to easily fit a pram, (or wrangle a few kids!) up and down them. We were told that even the escalator was installed with children in mind, at the furthest point away from the toys and activities, so parents had plenty of time to stop little escape artists!

The MyKids Emporium does not just focus on the retail side of things, it also is aiming to engage children and families in fun weekend activities and events. Every weekend you can find a range of activities on offer, including musical performances, book readings, face painters and balloon artists.

As well as the usual weekend activities, on June the 14th and 15th, to coincide with the Myer Midyear Toy Sale, there will be some extra special visitors dropping by MyKids Emporium. Are you ready to Wiggle? On Saturday the 14th of June, at 12 noon, the cast of the Wiggles will be stopping by for a performance, and a meet and greet! the-wigglesThe Myer MyKids Emporium is situated on the 4th Floor of the Emporium shopping centre, between Little Bourke St and Lonsdale St, Melbourne.

To celebrate the opening of the MyKids Emporium, I would love to give away a $50 Myer Toy Voucher to one lucky reader. This voucher can be used in the toy department of ANY Myer store, Australia wide.

To be in the running, please leave a comment telling me about what your favourite toy was as a child and whether you owned it, or just pined after it (like poor little childhood Jane and her cabbage patch doll!) Competition closes midnight on Friday the 13th of June (it will be a lucky Friday the 13th for somebody!)

Oh, and you will be pleased to hear that baby Ally has settled in very nicely at her new home. cabbage patch baby

Terms and Conditions~

    • This competition is open only to Australian residents.
    • This competition runs from 6th of June to 13th of June (inclusive).
    • The winner of this competition shall be chosen based on the most creative/funny/interesting comment, as judged by an impartial 3rd party.
    • Winner will be announced on the blog {The Hesitant Housewife} the day after the giveaway has closed, and will be contacted by email. The winner needs to reply within 3 days to claim prize otherwise prize will be re-drawn.
    • Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
    • Prizes is not transferable.
    • The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner.

Good Luck!!

Congratulations Lisa, you are a winner!



50 comments on “Myer MyKids Emporium {Giveaway}

  • Erin , Direct link to comment

    I always wanted the barbie dream house! I would cut it out of toy catalogues and stick it to the fridge hoping and preying it would materialise one day lol .. It never did!!

  • Tracey Kellock , Direct link to comment

    Growing up on a farm with brothers there was never much in the way of Girle toys in our home. For the christmas of my 7th year, Santa left me my first doll, she was about 40cm tall and had golden blonde hair.The budget would never stretch for clothes for her so my step mother made clothes out of scraps of fabric on her old singer sewing machine. I named her Katie and she became my best friend and confidant. One day i went with my dad to the local tip and we spotted the frame of an old emunjala pram. I convinced my dad i needed it for Katie and he allowed me to take it home, I spent many happy hours pushing Katie around in her pram that i had lined with a cardboard box for her to sit in. When i think of her, the memories stil make me smile.

  • Charmaine Campbell , Direct link to comment

    My parents and “Santa” were always sticking me with copies instead of the real thing. I wanted a Cabbage Patch kid, I got a “Stork Baby” instead. The only real deal I had was Barbies, oh how I loved those strangely proportioned little dolls and their boyfriend with the non-existant genitals. That is until the day my Mum decided I was too old for them and made me give my whole collection to my younger cousins! I never got over that!

  • Kellie , Direct link to comment

    All I wanted was a stawberry shortcake doll that smelt like stawberry’s. Mum brought me an Annie doll cause a said doll with stawberry hair

  • Chris , Direct link to comment

    This family tree house was my pride and joy! I hearted every precious little piece, but especially the puppy dog!
    It was the first toy I had with real working moving parts such as the elevator and the pop up top!! It was THE toy to have sans circa 1985! That and the kissing Barbie!
    I wish so very much that had it still today and that my own children could have enjoyed it as much as I did. I know you can buy them today, but $150 seems a bit steep! I am sure my folks did not pay that equivalent!

  • Kylie D , Direct link to comment

    At age 4 I was DESPERATE for a Baby Alive doll that drank bottles and wet her nappies. I talked about her for months, begged every Santa I came across for one and asked Mum to help me write a letter just to be sure Santa knew.

    Christmas Morning arrived and she was under the tree!! Without a doubt, Best Childhood Christmas Memory and my absolute favourite toy.

  • Jade , Direct link to comment

    I always had a love for Lego! It helped that I had a little brother who was willing to share his prized Lego collection

  • Richard , Direct link to comment

    Jet Hopper remote control car but no unfortunately never got to own one as they were so expensive at the time

  • Jane , Direct link to comment

    My parents ran a discount shop when I was a child it was just like crazy clacks but had the best toys so my sisters and I always got the best!!
    I really miss those days I used to have so much choice, I have so many memories of watching my sisters hoping and bouncing on the ‘Pogo Ball’ I remember wanting to have a go but I have got the chance. Now being an adult I wouldn’t mind finding one. So much FUN!

  • Benjamin Travia , Direct link to comment

    It was a green alien, bought from an op shop, knitted by someone, somewhere. Big enough to cuddle, soft enough to take everywhere, he was my best friend.

  • sonya , Direct link to comment

    I always wanted a Mary Jane doll but my mum wanted me to be a tomboy and would never let me have one. :-( Funnily now my own daughter is a bit of a tomboy and has never pined after pink princessy things, but that wasn’t my doing!

  • Nic , Direct link to comment

    I wanted a Slinky for ages and I finally got one for my birthday and it was the most exciting toy! I loved it so much, but then my big brother ruined it by stepping on it with his big footy boots. :-(

  • Kasey E , Direct link to comment

    I loved my cabbage patch doll named Roselyn Claudette she was my baby, I actually still have her 20+ years later.

  • Jessica Maloney , Direct link to comment

    Lego Police Station. As a 28 year old now though, I’m currently drooling over the Lego Simpsons house!

  • Sarah T , Direct link to comment

    I always wanted a Baby Born doll. I remember wanting one so badly. I was around 12 and I pined after her for ages, I even remember entering a colouring in competition in the hope of winning her.

  • karina lee , Direct link to comment

    I had a Cabbage Patch doll called Patricia and I loved her to bits!

  • Erica Louise , Direct link to comment

    I always felt happier in the dark with my Glo Worm toy, do you remember those? Not the most attractive toy in the world really!!

  • KELLY WALTER , Direct link to comment

    It would have to be a teddy Koala that had a little backpack on that my brother game to me one Christmas. I remember I use to walk around holding that all the time, I now have it sitting up on the Cupboard with my Husbands childhood toy Grover that he apparently use to walk around holding as well And hope to one day pass them onto our children.

  • Cheryl Moulton , Direct link to comment

    I used to walk to the bus stop to meet my mother coming from work, and there was a little shop which had (in my mind) the BEST ‘medical’ play kit EVER, everyday I would point it out to my mother and one day when we passed the shop it had gone, and I was devastated, until Christmas morning came and there it was from ‘Father Christmas’. I was THE happiest little girl that Christmas

  • Julia Mason , Direct link to comment

    My Favourite toy was the prettiest pink carousel which was given to me by my Dad! It only came with one horse that you could insert and it would go around and around with the push of a button and it played nice music! I loved it so much that once every so often we go out and buy another horse thing to add to the collection! But now I don’t know what happened to it and ive never seen one in the shops since! :( I wish I still had it!

  • Michelle Harris , Direct link to comment

    My mum never bought the original of anything.
    I wanted a Rubix cube and she bought me one with colours and numbers on it. The numbers had to go in a certain order to be up the right way and I found that I could only get one side out.
    I was so disillusioned that I have been near a real Rubix cube again despite being given one to play with

  • jess m , Direct link to comment

    I always wanted a puppy surprise as a child. It was one of those puppies that you opened the velcro underneath and pulled out the litter of puppies. Santa was very nice and got it for me ;)

  • Peta-Lee B , Direct link to comment

    I was a My Little Pony tragic. Loved them! And a Barbie hater. Still feel the same. 3 daughters of my own and I’m re-living my childhood with my daughters loving My Little Ponies too and despising Barbie. Fist pump!!!

  • Andrea , Direct link to comment

    I asked for a Barbie so many times as a five year old that for my birthday my mum finally gave in and got me one. I was over the moon until a few days later my sister who disliked barbies ‘accidently’ cut the barbies hair and then put her too close to the heater so she melted! there was never spare money in our household so unfortunately my long sought after Barbie was never replaced

  • Melanie Schmidt , Direct link to comment

    I has an original baby alive doll back in the 70s… could that thing poop some weird crap!

  • Michelle V , Direct link to comment

    I had a cabbage Patch doll given to me by my eldest sister (she’s 11 years older than me), just after our brother passed away when he was only 12.
    She saved up her pay from her part-time job in a bakery to buy it for me (and one for our other sister too).
    She thought it would cheer me up after the loss of our brother.
    I treasured it and took it everywhere. I am now 35 and I still have “Sean” my Cabbage Patch doll, who now sits on my daughter’s bookshelf.

  • Stacey Shailer , Direct link to comment

    I absolutely loved all of my My Little Pony toys I owned…I was devastated when my little brother took to them with a pair of scissors and gave them a haircut!

  • Rebekah Ballingall , Direct link to comment

    I loved Baby Born Dolls but I would always feed it to much and clog up the insides.

  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    My Dolly’s name was Dolly
    She had eye correction surgery, but unfortuantly lost her vision and had to have 2 glass marbles eye implants
    She became a regular Amputee, but the clever surgeons called Dr Mum and Dr Dad stitched those arms and legs back on (several times)
    Her hair was starting to fall out (probably due to stress of so many surgeries) her perscription hair treatment of glue and wool worked a miracle.
    As she got older she started to look a bit thin, so thoses two Dr’s preformed stuff and stitch surgery. She was one loved Dolly.

  • laura powers , Direct link to comment

    My mum bought me the Myer Christmas bear in the early 80s it;s the only toy I still have from my childhood, his name is Ted a little yellow bear with movable arms and legs

  • Monica Scurlock , Direct link to comment

    Got my tonsils out and received a fantastic doll that ‘growed’ her hair when you pushed her belly button and shrunk her hair back in when you turned her back button! Loved that doll…my sister got one too, even though she kept her tonsils!!!

  • Renee , Direct link to comment

    I had a Cindy doll which I adored as everyone else had Barbies so mine I felt was extra special

  • Emily Mclaughlan , Direct link to comment

    I always wanted a Baby Spice barbie doll but they sold out everywhere and my mum got me the ginger spice instead still loved it

  • Jacky , Direct link to comment

    I always pined for a Dolls House but sadly never got one but now my 88 year old Dad renovates old Dolls Houses, its wonderful to see how creative he still is and everyone (down to his Grandkids) now loves to buy items to furnish and decorate them, they’re a real family affair.

  • Helen Jacobson , Direct link to comment

    I had a Chinese doll with red silk pyjamas, black plaits, a china face and feet with a cloth and wooden body. When you pressed her stomach the legs moved. We had very few toys then and she was very precious to me. The doll was lost in a move interstate when I was eight. After that finances were better for the family and there were many more dolls but fifty years later I still feel a sense of loss.

  • Jessica McLardie , Direct link to comment

    Without a doubt my favorite toy was my Barbie and the Rockers stage. The best part had to have been the cassette concert which came with it. Oh the fashion and memories growing up in the 80’s

  • Kim , Direct link to comment

    When I was little I always always wanted a Crayola Art Caddy, I unfortunatley never got one, but I waited every Christmas just in case. I bought one for my daughter for Christmas and I have to say that it wasn’t quite as exciting as I thought it was going to be (it was all about me!) some of the magic had worn off I think!!

  • Natasha , Direct link to comment

    I’m guessing you are the same age as my sister – she really needed a cabbage patch doll – and still does!

    I was always a strawberry shortcake girl – OMG – I wanted them all. Every outfit, every doll and every house – I never understood why my mum just didn’t understand my NEED now I am the mum and I get it – but being the grown up is not fun :(

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle , Direct link to comment

    I can’t choose just one. I had a big family back then too, with 8 Cabbage Patch Dolls and 2 My Child Dolls. You see the thing is, these toys were so precious to me, that they’re still packed away safely in our shed, as I cannot bare to part with any of them! LOL

  • Krista , Direct link to comment

    My favourite you was a Rainbot Brite Doll. My brother got it for me (I’m sure my Mum and Dad got it and he just handed it to me). It is one of my clearest memories. I loved that doll! Fast forward 25years and my daughter loved watching the old Rainbow Brite cartoons so my brother scoured the earth for a Rainbow Brite doll which he ordered from an antiques dealer. I’d hate to think how much that cost!

  • Alana , Direct link to comment

    I always wanted a dolls house. My cousin had one and I remember playing with it all the time. Only thing was she only had one doll so I was always the an English guard souvenir doll!

  • Lee Short , Direct link to comment

    I had a baby alive. For years, she never worked like it showed on the box from day one. Back then, you only got one Christmas present and she was mine. Still have in a box, tucked away in my wardrobe.

  • Alison Burdon , Direct link to comment

    My sisters and I used to love playing dress-ups. Although we had our own collection, I used to love going to a friend’s place and wearing a long and lacy white skirt she had in her dress-ups basket. It was so long that I wore it up under my armpits! But it was also long enough that I discovered the hard way you really shouldn’t try riding a bike in it … it got all twisted round the chain, black and greasy, and I ended up ruining it :-(

  • Joanne Baillie , Direct link to comment

    Soo. Yep cabbage patch envy here too. Alllllways wanted one because everyone had one. Then one night dad came home from work (architect at the time working on a new unit at monash hospital.. So it was a building site at the time) dad walks in to loung room and hands me a surprise! It was a cabbage patch doll he’d found on site .. It had no head, was pretty filthy and had nonclothes. My bros thought it was so cool. Incould see the stuffing coming out so if you didnt know a zip tie was around the neck (part of the doll and they pulled it tight. It was acscary doll. But my dad thought he was dad of the year for that. I still think its the funniest thing. Good thing i hadnt watch chucky at that age! Lol

  • Charisse Childs , Direct link to comment

    Every night I’d wish upon a star,
    For the Barbie convertible car,
    Every Santa Puff I’d catch,
    I’d even search every clover patch.

    Santa made my wish come true,
    Along with Barbie’s too,
    As I drove her away,
    My imagination continued to play.

  • Chrissie , Direct link to comment

    I loved my Barbie fold and fun house. Actually, anything Barbie really! Also baby born doll. I really was a girly girl!

  • Jade , Direct link to comment

    The one thing I pined over was a Fur Real mummy cat!
    My best friend had one and I was insanely jealous!
    With those cats you never knew if mum would pop out 2 kittens (which sucks) or 5!!!

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