Quintessential Baby Review and Giveaway.

*This post features a product I was gifted to review. Also, an awesome giveaway at the end. *

I’ve always been an accessory person. I’m all about the bag and the shoes. I have actually been known to find the perfect bag or pair of shoes, and then buy the rest of the outfit to match.

“Pre-baby”, I had a handbag for every occasion. Big and small, cute clutches, totes, my Louis Vuitton that I saved up for and bought second hand off eBay. Then suddenly along comes a tiny person, and the days off walking out the door with just your keys and phone thrown into a bag are over. Now you need bottles, wipes, nappies, ten changes of clothes, blankets, change mat, dummy, toys, bibs and a million other things you’ve never even heard of before having kids. And it doesn’t get any better as they get older. Nope. Then they need a million changes of clothes as they start toilet training. Snacks, lunch boxes, drink bottles, tissues, books, coats, hats, sunscreen, their baby doll that can’t possibly be left by itself at home. Even though Milla is only three, I’m going to hazard a guess that I am going to be carrying around her crap for at least the next ten years.

Enter Quintessential Baby. Fiona became so frustrated at trying to find a baby bag that was not just functional, but stylish as well, after the birth of her beautiful daughter Quinn that she decided to try and fill the gap in the market. Quintessential Baby bags are like a hybrid of baby bag and fashion handbag. Large enough to carry around the million and one things babies and children seem to require, but with stylish designs and in trend colours. Each bags comes with a waterproof padded change mat, wet bag, large interior pockets, shoulder and pram straps and interior bottle holder pockets.

When Fiona approached me to review one of the Quintessential Baby bags, I jumped at the chance. I’m going to be honest, the hardest part was choosing which bag I wanted! It literally took me a week to decide between “The Boho” in tan,The Boho Brown

or “The Essential” in red.

The Essential Red In the end I finally chose The Essential, because, well, RED.

When the bag arrived, I was so excited. It feels beautiful and soft, the colour is vibrant, and it has so many little pockets and pouches, it actually makes me feel quite organised!

The features of The Essential are~

• Genuine leather exterior
• Nylon lining 16.5 x 33cm removable padded change mat with re-sealable wet bag, 2 x mesh pockets and Velcro closure
• Detachable pram strap
• Adjustable pram strap from 66cm to 117cm
• Key/dummy clip
• Two interior bottle pockets
• Interior zip pocket
• Four large interior pockets
• Three exterior zip pockets
• Two exterior end pockets
• Protective metal feet on base
• Dimensions: 42cm L x 30cm H x 18cm W

And also, SO PRETTY!!

I love that I can fit everything I need in it, without it being all bulgy and awkward. Here is an example of all the things I take to Milla’s ballet class every Saturday morning, and how it all fits so neatly in the bag.

The Essential 4

So, we have-

  • spare ballet clothes in case of any accidents
  • coat
  • shoes to change in to afterwards
  • wipes
  • drink bottle
  • snack box
  • my purse
  • iPad (parents don’t get to watch, so I ‘play’ on the iPad whilst I wait for 45 minutes)

The Essential 5

It all fits perfectly, with actually room to spare!

The Essential 6

I really love all the exterior pockets. Things that I need quickly and easily; drink bottle, phone, Milla’s sunglasses etc, all fit nicely on the outside, so I don’t have to go digging around through the bag. There are also heaps of little pockets inside, to easily keep track of keys, dummies, medication etc. The shoulder straps are really comfy, and the bag also comes with detachable pram straps.

One of the major advantages of the Quintessential Baby bags, are that they are stylish and versatile enough to use as a regular handbag, a work bag, even an overnight bag. There is even a unisex style, which would make an awesome gift for a new Daddy this Fathers Day!

The Unisex

You can visit the Quintessential Baby website to check out the other designs, and also ‘like’ the Quintessential Baby Facebook page, to stay updated on sales and new designs as they are released.

Would you like to win your very own Quintessential Baby bag, valued at up to $249? Visit the Quintessential Baby website, and leave a comment on this post with which bag you would choose if you won, and the one thing that you can’t possibly leave the house without. Competition closes at midnight, EST on the 29th of August, 2014.

Terms and Conditions~

This competition is open only to Australian residents.
This competition runs from 22nd of August until the 29th of August (inclusive).
The winner of this competition shall be chosen based on the most creative/funny/interesting comment, as judged by an impartial 3rd party.
Winner will be announced on the blog {Almost Jane} the day after the giveaway has closed, and will be contacted by email. The winner needs to reply within 3 days to claim prize otherwise prize will be re-drawn.
Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
Prizes is not transferable.
The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner.

Competition Closed. 

Congratulations Lisa, you are the winner of a beautiful Quintessential Baby bay!


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44 comments on “Quintessential Baby Review and Giveaway.

  • Elephant's Child , Direct link to comment

    Love the Unisex.
    The one thing that I can’t possibly leave the house without is my mind. Sadly I often do leave without it. Or more accurately it goes out to lunch without me.

  • Jade , Direct link to comment

    I love the boho! I can’t leave the house without a smile – no matter how tired or frazzled I am, a smile just makes the day so much better.

  • Alana , Direct link to comment

    I love The Essential in red! It looks super trendy and practical, it’d be lovely to be fashionable again instead if being stuck in the same three outfits. The one thing we never leave home without is a dummy! It holds some kind on magic power, if my daughter is loosing it a dummy will calm her, down toot sweet!

  • Lilybett , Direct link to comment

    I think I concur on the Essential in Red. I couldn’t leave the house without a small bundle of snacks – otherwise I’d never get anything done. The only way to get my son to stay in his stroller is to give him snacks – the smaller and more fiddly, the better – one box of sultanas and I get to browse a whole store.

  • jess m , Direct link to comment

    I love the boho perfect baby bag for this time of year when the weather is changing! I can’t leave the house without baby wipes they are always needed!

  • Kell Kelly , Direct link to comment

    The Essential in red would be my pick,
    To any old outfit it would give a kick.
    Practical, pretty and simply divine,
    I would love this bag to soon be mine.
    Prepared, stocked and ready to go,
    A bag like this you just don’t outgrow!

  • Andrea carter , Direct link to comment

    I would choose the essential in black. The one thing we don’t leave the house without is a packet of wet wipes! Those things clean up everything, from the baby vomit on my shoulder that I never notice until I’m in the car, to the ‘oh no mummy I spilt something on my pants and now they are sticky again’ moments! The uses for wipes is endless, I have even used them to clean a squished bug off the car window to stop the screaming of my daughter because, you know we couldn’t possibly drive home with a squished bug on the window!

  • Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye , Direct link to comment

    I would pick The Hobo in tan and I would never leave the house without the kids as child protective services seems to frown on that. Also a stash of decaf coffee bags for this breastfeeding Mumma who needs a placebo to get through her day.

  • Megan Merrett , Direct link to comment

    I would have to say The Essential in black. I have a soft spot for anything with beautiful black leather! And the size would be amazing for my soon to be brood of four!

    In only a few months my new babe will be here,
    And finding a useful yet stylish nappy bag is one thing I fear.
    Now I have tried a few, through frustrated tears-
    For my older boys are 2, 4 and almost 6 years.
    With 4 kids in tow, I cannot imagine walking out the front door,
    without nappies, wipes, sanitiser and enough food for my army of four!
    I’ve just never found a bag that could get the job done,
    while also making lugging it around something classy and fun!
    Until now, when my eyes locked on the Black Essential,
    If I won people would ‘wow’ and I’d say “oh yes, it’s a Baby Quintessential!”

    What a fun comp with a beautiful yet practical prize. Best of luck to all entrants.

  • helen , Direct link to comment

    Oo, the boho in tan is cute. Currently can’t leave the house without the 4 kids, especially Miss 13 day old. Shame, I hear the Maldives is nice this time of year ;)

  • Marnie , Direct link to comment

    I love the black essential it would go with everything and looks like it will carry everything needed. I can’t leave the house without my kids ;) and a snack for mr 11months he likes to think I starve him on a regular basis especially while out hahaha ;)

  • Jessie Hay , Direct link to comment

    Back before I had my first,
    I was never seen at my worst,
    Always dressed neatly with matching shoes,
    Makeup on, neat hair-do!,
    Fast forward to now-
    With a brood of kids,
    Getting ready is easy,
    Takes a minute ;)
    Grab the first thing from my drawer,
    Hurrying fast, my toddler starting to roar,
    No time to brush- I hear a loud wail,
    I pull my hair back in a ponytail,
    Drop my school kids at school,
    Pull up at the shops,
    Start to get out of the car-
    Then I stop…….
    Yes in my neverending hurry you see,
    I have left my slippers on my feet,
    I need to never forget this one thing-
    My shoes I need to be wearing!
    (True story this has happened to me more than once :/ )

    I would love the Essential in Black if I am lucky enough to be chosen please. It would be perfect for carting my pre-schooler’s, toddler’s and my new baby due in January’s things. I love that it has loads of room so it can be packed, organised and ready to go before the crazy morning rush! Plus it’s just a gorgeous bag :)

  • Jasmine , Direct link to comment

    The Boho [BLK]
    I can’t leave the house without wearing my bra

  • Brooke Sheppard , Direct link to comment

    Ooo if love the boho in tan! Really I’d love any of them, beats a Dora backpack!!

  • sarah braaksma , Direct link to comment

    I love love love the red! My favourite colour is red, I love a bit of brightness to give me a lift. I have a brand new four week old baby girl so I cant possibly leave the house without her at the moment.. :)

  • Rebecca Stephens , Direct link to comment

    I would definitely say the Essential in red too! My current handbag is budgerigar green and I love it! Great to have a splash of colour.

    I couldn’t possibly leave the house without my phone. I once managed to leave my wallet at work for a whole week. I discovered that I can actually get along quite well without it as long as I have my phone – I can even withdraw cash with the new cardless cash app my bank has!

  • Di , Direct link to comment

    The Essential in Red. I can’t leave the house without tissues, one of us always needs one….nine times out of ten me!

  • DIANA O , Direct link to comment

    I’d choose The Essential [BLK], keys lol They lock the house, open and start the car :p

  • Linda , Direct link to comment

    Boho. Couldn’t leave the house without bub. my best accessory always makes me feel and look better.

  • karina l , Direct link to comment

    Boho Tan is my choice of bag should I win! One thing I can’t leave the house without is my phone because I am always late!

  • Cathy H , Direct link to comment

    I cannot leave home without a blanket! There are sooooo many uses for this humble piece of cloth! On many an occasion I have used a blanket for a snuggly, a rug for wet grass, fashioned as a makeshift hat or hood, created a sling for mishaps, as a jumper for warmth, twisted as rope for a game of tug of war, fashioned as spare clothes when the kids get wet and yes… I have even used it as toilet paper. : | I think the Boho Tan looks so chic and stylish!

  • Natalie , Direct link to comment

    If I am the lucky winner of this contest I would get the Essential bag in black. I cannot leave my house without my phone, wipes and gum!

  • Gayle Richardson , Direct link to comment

    The Boho – I couldn’t possibly leave the house with my munchkin!

  • Rebecca Baker , Direct link to comment

    The Black BOHO
    Makes me moan ooOooooOooo
    To fit in everything would be nice,
    Even better when the bag isn’t a big price!
    So many things are needed for kiddies,
    It sends me round the widddies!

  • Tanya Clarke , Direct link to comment

    I love the essential in red. It is refreshing to see a bright coloured nappy bag. When packing for my baby, I would never leave the house without baby wipes!

  • Charlie Cola , Direct link to comment

    I love the boho (TAN) doesnt look anything like a “mumma” bag!
    Dont leave house without clothes on, yes you can all laugh but until you get to that point where your children make you completely bonkers and you storm out starkers, well…dont judge lol

  • laura casino , Direct link to comment

    I would LOVE to win the Boho Tan bag! It is just wonderful looking! I have never used anything more than what I could find at the thrift store as a bag – so something like this would really improve my accessories haha.
    I would not be able to leave the house without my dental cleaning products. My youngest daughter has crooked teeth but isn’t old enough for braces yet so she has to floss and brush after every meal. carrying the dental essentials in this bag would look mighty nice! :)

  • Kelly TF , Direct link to comment

    I love The Essential in red!
    I can’t leave the house without COFFEE! I’m an addict!

  • Kelly Walter , Direct link to comment

    Normally i would go for Black Bags, but this time the The Essential, completely took my eye. its a beautiful red color & it looks like the type of bag that can fit everything you need!

  • Danielle Cauley , Direct link to comment

    I would LOVE the Boho Tan! I cannot leave the house without an extra set of clothes so I am sure it would have enough room for everything!!!

  • Kim , Direct link to comment

    The Essential Red, I love love love this bag! I often wear red shirts to work because I think it’s such a happy colour and this bag is beautiful. It looks like you could use them as a normal bag when you don’t need it for the kids anymore, I would anyway!
    I don’t leave home without bandaids, they have come in handy for the kids on occasion, but mostly they are for me. Yesterday I managed to cut my knee on a plastic storage container in my friends caravan! Bandaids are a must!

  • Renee Ballantyne , Direct link to comment

    essential in red is great and I never leave the house without my kids, they are my essential items

  • Karla Oleinikoff , Direct link to comment

    The Boho in Tan, so gorgeous and stylish. I can’t leave home without baby wipes. For use on little kids and big kids, spills, dirt, chairs, tables, hands and anything/anyone else that’s grotty.

  • jennifer barr , Direct link to comment

    I never leave the house without tissues. My favorite bag is the essential in black.

    • jennifer barr , Direct link to comment

      oops…i just realized you can only enter if in Australia. Please delete my entry as I’m in the US.

  • Caroline Kelly , Direct link to comment

    I love how bright “The Essential” in red is – I am reminded of a fire engine’s colour when I first saw the bag. In Australia’s harsh climate, I cannot leave home without first applying sunscreen.

  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    Sadly, after having children, the one thing that I can’t possibly leave the house without would have to be white marks on a newly washed black shirt, muddy handprints on a white shirt, snot smears on a new dress or what I hope is chocolate under my fingernails. Thats why babywipes would ALWAYS be in my Red Essential Bag – swoon :)

  • Nikita , Direct link to comment

    The Boho in TAN.
    I can’t leave the house without baby wipes!! They’re seriously my lifesaver not only for grubby fingers and dirty bottoms but I’ll use them for adjusting my makeup, wiping down the trolleys, cleaning marks off the clothes anything and everything the wipes assist me with!

  • Letitia Couper-Darr , Direct link to comment

    What a fantastic product! I can’t leave the house without my 2 babies (13 months apart) and of course the nappy bag! Packed with all sorts of essential items like toys, snacks and drinks. I would definitely pick The Essential bag in red.

  • Melissa Jones , Direct link to comment

    I would choose The Essential red one. I can’t leave my house without my handbag for sure, because all my essentials are in my bag, keys, purse, phone, tissues… Having more kids means that I need a bigger and more functional bag.

  • Peta @ Great Googa Moogas , Direct link to comment

    There once was a mum of nine
    Who thought she was doing just fine
    Until her nappy bag tore
    Then this mother, she swore
    Saw this giveaway, and knew it was a sign :)

    I would totally love, love, love the Boho in Black :)

  • ruth , Direct link to comment

    I’m loving the boho in black
    It’s full of essentials I lack
    I’ve left home without bags, without baby or keys
    But I never leave home without a quick wee.
    Too much information? Well you did ask..
    Imagine the rhyme if I’d ended with “bag”!

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