Starting School with Stuck On You! {Review and Giveaway}

Remember this kid?

Stuck On YouShe was two years old, heading off for the first time to childcare. It was 2013, and Miss Milla had not long been diagnosed with autism. She happily waved goodbye to me, and I cried in the car park after I left her. My little baby girl had taken her first tentative steps in to the big wide world.

Then somehow, this happened.

Milla blog

In a mere ten days, this kid is starting school! For real, this is not a drill. SCHOOL!! She has come so far since that little tacker in the oversized back pack. We were absolutely thrilled to receive a second round offer to the school we desperately wanted, a small P-12 school that we think will suit Milla just perfectly.

We have had a few visits to the school, and the prep (or ‘Foundation’ as they call it) teacher has already made a good impression, quickly preventing a meltdown when the kids unexpectedly went outside, by offering Milla her own sunglasses to wear. Milla is so excited, and although I know there will be some separation anxiety, I have high hopes that she will settle in quickly and love the routine of ‘big school’.

Stuck On You

I have worked with Stuck On You several times since 2013, so it really seems fitting to partner up again for this momentous occasion. I really do love their personalised products and their high quality materials. Case in point- Remember the backpack Milla wore on her first day of childcare? Here it is now, after a year of childcare, a year of 3 year old kinder and a year of 4 year old kinder. stuck on you backpack

Their stuff is really made to LAST.

Since my last review, Stuck On You have released the new ‘Gelati’ collection, which are in gorgeous shades of pastel pink, green and blue.

stuck on you lunch pack

I really wanted to get Milla a large lunch bag for school, so that I could pop different containers in it for lunch, snack, play lunch etc. I have, no exaggeration, bought four different lunch boxes this year for kinder, and none of them were quite right. I also wanted something that could fit an icepack in it to keep everything cold, especially over Summer.

stuck on you lunch bag

As you can see, plenty of room, space for an icepack, water resistant lining, and there is also a separate zip up pocket on the outside for notes, money for the canteen etc. The stainless steel drink bottle is BPA free and completely spill proof. We have used several of these drink bottles, and never had any leakage.

Stuck on you labels

I have been using the Stuck On You labels all year for kinder, and I am loving the new gelati range. Both dishwasher and microwave safe, they last for ages and come in a huge range of designs.

stuck on you clothing label

Now coming from someone who is completely undomesticated, you can trust me when I say that the iron on labels are super easy to apply. Pop the piece of paper that is supplied over the top, gently press with the iron and you’re good to go. I’ve been using these this year on clothes for kinder, and they have never even started to peel, completely washing machine and clothes dryer safe.

You can view the entire Stuck On You range here and stay up to date on special promotions by liking the Stuck On You Facebook page.

As always I’m super excited to share the Stuck On You love, with a $50 voucher up for grabs! 

All you need to do is follow the prompts below, and leave a comment telling me about an important milestone you have celebrated or are looking forward to celebrating. The winner will be chosen by an impartial judge, based on which comment they found the most creative/funny/interesting. ( No pressure ?  ) The competition closes midnight on Sunday the 24th of January, on the eve of what shall now be known as THE WEEK MILLA STARTS SCHOOL!!!!! (What? No nerves here. Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye…)

Congratulations to Andrea B.! 

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28 comments on “Starting School with Stuck On You! {Review and Giveaway}

  • Chont , Direct link to comment

    Oh how sweet ? Gorgeous uniform photos. The biggest milestone we have celebrated recently is our autistic son catching the school bus by himself

  • Stephanie , Direct link to comment

    I’m looking forward with tears of joy (really trepidation) that our eldest is sitting her HSC final high school exams this year, and ready to watch our fourth and second youngest start high school, whilst our baby starts three year old kindy! I’m really looking forward to not losing a single thing at school or daycare this year! I need them to be stuck on me! ;-)

  • Andrea Brown , Direct link to comment

    My eldest starts school in two weeks I’m sure it was yesterday I was cradling a newborn. My baby is 6 months old and due to start daycare soon these may seem like everyday moments to others but for me they are incredible life changes as I was left wheelchair bound when I had my baby 6 months ago. I am now up and walking only just but at least I can be there on their first days to walk them into class something I couldn’t imagine whilst paralysed in hospital. My eldest daughter is the most amazing kind and beautiful little girl who has coped with mummies injury with incredible strength and maturity and has proven to me time and time again that this world had better watch out because one day she will rule it!

  • Mel , Direct link to comment

    This year is huge for our family littlest Miss starts grade prep, mini Miss is off to grade 5(!!) & the Man-child is in year 10 (senior campus) so technically we have 2 kids starting new schools this year & honestly I’m undecided which 1 is freaking me out more ?

  • Erin , Direct link to comment

    Our oldest son is 5 and starting primary school in 2 weeks, and our youngest who is 3 (asd) has been accepted to a very hard to get into autism specific early learning centre for the year!! Exciting scary amazing times ahead!

  • sapna , Direct link to comment

    My 4 year old is starting kinder this year and is looking forward to buy new things and label them just like his big brother does.

  • Karen , Direct link to comment

    I am looking forward to my big babies starting Year 3 this year. They are so excited and I will be loving their big smiles on their first day.

    • Josie , Direct link to comment

      Thank God I do#;3n9&t even like tea, coffee or anything like that. One of the few who can walk straight past Starbucks and, seems now Tea stores. LoL

  • Shey , Direct link to comment

    I have two milestones about to take take place after having a rough few years with motor skill development and 2 years of 4yr old kinder my beautiful little boy is off to start his first year of school as well as his younger sister is about to venture into the world of 4 year old kinder. A very exciting time for them and me but will b emotional for me as well these may not seem like big milestones to some people but they are to me as I was told at the young age of 17 that I wouldn’t be able to have any kids. So these milestones are something I believed I would never get to experience such a proud moment and mum right here.

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    • http://www./ , Direct link to comment

      Wow April! You’re work rocks! Beautiful. I really love Jessica’s dress. She’s so high fashion glamorous! I love how you took the Sesquintennial Park and “rediscovered” and photographed it in a way that even I was trying to guess where this was — dead give away at the Houston Theater shot ! lol LOVE IT!!!

    • http://www./ , Direct link to comment

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  • lisa , Direct link to comment

    My daughter starts school in one week also. It is such a huge milestone for her and for myself. What am I going to do with all that time without her. I think I will walk around lost for the first few days.
    Weare bothapprehensive with this new adventure but also filked with excitement. After years of seperation anxiety for my littlegirl, she is excited to be off to big school to learn to read she tells me. So we all have our fingrs crossed the anxiety stays away and she settles well into school life.

  • Michelle V , Direct link to comment

    I have just been invited to my 20 year high school reunion! it will be great to catch up with all of my old friends, and to see how they have changed since we all left!

  • Teresa Clark , Direct link to comment

    My son has just started his transition to big school program (I cried, i dread thinking how i will go next year for the real deal!!)

  • Andrea carter , Direct link to comment

    My oldest starts four year old kinder this year and my middle child starts three year old kinder. It should be interesting as my three year old refuses to put pants/jocks back on himself after going to the toilet! I told him he needed to learn to put them on himself or he couldn’t go to kinder, his response.. That’s ok mummy you can just stay at kinder in case I need to go to the toilet! Should make for an interesting time for his teacher!

  • Holly , Direct link to comment

    My very last baby starts preschool this year. It’s a milestone because it means I no longer have little babies or toddlers. I’m a bit sad that the baby years are officially behind us!

  • Skye , Direct link to comment

    we have our eldest heading off for 5 days a week to pre primary and our youngest is starting therapy for his recent diagnosis of sensory processing. Both are also looking forward to becoming big brothers in July!

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