That Damn Dog. ?>

That Damn Dog.


It starts with the tiredness. I wake exhausted. Does the exhaustion cause the depression or does the depression cause the exhaustion? Doesn’t matter, because by then it’s too late.

Next come the tears. I am on the edge of crying every moment of the day. If I stop for a minute, and just think, the tears start to well. I can’t tell you why. Or I can.

Because he’s back. The black dog. When the realisation hits that is what’s happening, I feel the fear. That familiar fear, I don’t want to do this again. I can’t.

But I can. I do. I will. I am stronger than him. I just need to lay low, ride it out. Just keep breathing. Remember that I have done this before, I will do it again.

He will not take me.

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5 thoughts on “That Damn Dog.

  1. The chicken and the egg. Depression and fatigue are the very best of friends.
    The black dog is such a soul and energy sapping beast. Be kind to yourself, and have as much faith in yourself as the dog will let you. You HAVE escaped before, and you will again.

  2. Yes you are stronger than him, braver and smarter. You will get through this, you will beat it. You an because you are amazing at being a wife and mummy and you know how to beat it you’ve done it before.
    Sending you lots of love and strength to get through what you need to.
    Always here for you to vent.
    Lisa xo

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