The Twins- Part Two ~ Healing

For a long time after I lost the twins, I kept it all inside. I felt like I didn’t have the right to be sad, to grieve them. I told myself that it was ‘just a miscarriage’, get over it. Yet every day, there was an aching sadness in me that I couldn’t shake. Every single day was filled with ‘what ifs’. What if they were still alive? My stomach would be as big as that lady I just walked past at the shops. What if they were still alive? I would be feeling them kick now. What if they were still alive? I would be stocking up on tiny singlets and jumpsuits. What if they were still alive? I would be going on maternity leave now. I would have two babies now. I would be a mum now. What if, what if, what if….But they weren’t still alive. I did not have two babies. I was not a mother. I was still alone, flailing around, trying to figure out what had happened, why it happened, and why it still hurt so damn much.
Nearly two years later, I somehow stumbled on a group called ‘Bears of Hope’. I looked at their web site, and discovered that maybe it was ok to still be feeling this way. It talked about the effect losing a baby, at any gestation, can have on a person, and how it can affect the rest of their lives. All of the sudden, it occurred to me that maybe I wasn’t alone. Maybe it was, dare I say it, normal to be feeling this way. I tentatively joined an online forum, and shared my story, for the first time ever, in it’s entirety. And my life changed for ever.

All of these beautiful women, beautiful mothers, wrote back to me. They told me how sorry they were about my twins. How I was a mother, even though I had no children here on earth. That I had become a mother the moment I found out I was pregnant and started having hopes and dreams for my baby. They validated all the hurt and grief I had been feeling for the past two years. and finally, after so long of bottling up all the emotion I had been suppressing, I allowed myself to grieve the two little lives I had never gotten the chance to know. And in turn, I began to heal.
The lovely mothers in Bears of Hope asked me what I had named the twins. Nobody had ever asked me that before, their names were something I had never shared. I had named them Ava and Ella. Ava was the name we had chosen for a girl, and since I had been told they were identical twins, my feeling was that they were two girls. Ava and Ella, my daughters.

As the second anniversary approached, I decided that I wanted to honor them, commemorate, not commiserate. I decided to get a tattoo, to once again make the twins a part of me, forever. I got a ‘twin’ symbol with angel wings.

Of course, people asked me about it, and for the first time, I was able to talk about what happened. To say “this is in memory of my twins, who I lost”. They existed, outside of my own head and heart. I began to look for other ways to honor them. I got their names written in the sand. I wrote poetry for them. I acknowledged them. On the third anniversary, my beautiful partner took me away to the beach for the weekend, (at 30 weeks pregnant!) and we lit a candle for them, and found a beautiful secluded beach, where I wrote their names.

A small, silly way that I acknowledge them, every day, is by only ever ‘signing off’ with two ‘kisses’, ‘xx’ , to symbolise my two angels.
I still cry for them, miss them, think about the ‘what ifs’. I will never stop loving them, missing them, wondering why.  But I allow myself to do that now. I allow myself to grieve for them. I know there are people who don’t understand. Who think I should just get over it, that it was a ‘miscarriage’, that I don’t have a right to grieve for them, as I didn’t even ‘know’ them. I admit, I still worry, writing these posts, that people will judge me, will think it’s ridiculous to feel such loss. But I am the only one who knows what they meant to me. I am the only one who felt that connection with them, who had hopes and dreams for them. I know the ache and the emptiness I felt when they were gone. So in the end, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks. They are in my heart forever, and no one can take that away from me. xx

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  • Renay@mummysmiracles , Direct link to comment

    I’m so glad that you were able to find this wonderful group and they were able to help you heal, even if only a little bit. I was in the UK for my first two miscarriages and it was very much thought of as though it wasn’t anything to get upset about. The doctor seemed almost angry that I couldn’t stop crying so that he could finish talking. They will never be forgotten xxx
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  • Amanda - purely4kids , Direct link to comment

    I have been fortunate enough not to suffer a miscarriage, I have been blessed with 3 beautiful boys. I was reading your post and honestly can’t understand why people could make you feel that way – it’s so sad. Yes, you were a mother the moment you found out you were pregnant and you have every right to feel all those feelings of loss and grief – don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You are an amazingly strong person – remember your girls, they are part of you and your family and in some way they are with you every day.
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  • Shariifah , Direct link to comment

    Ur feelings r similar to mine though our situations were different. I became pregnant more years than expected after my 2nd,it was a very happy and excited me when i found out. I became so ill with d pregnancy only to find out from scan result it was a molar preg! When i was told d preg had to be terminated,my heart broke into million pieces. D scan result said viable,and i could not understand y dy had to “kill” my baby,it was so heart breaking for me. Till now,i wondered how old if it was a normal preg,i wonder lots of things but i have never been able to talk about it cos as dy said,”it even not a real pregnancy”,but i’ll always think different!

  • Alice Clover , Direct link to comment

    Miscarriage is a very sad time for all concerned. After having looked forward to a new baby, sometimes for months, the dream suddenly ends. Often when this happens the mom or even the dad can end up feeling as though they did something wrong. After having lost one baby many parents-to-be worry that the same will happen again. In spite of your doctor telling that most of miscarriages have no external reasons you tend to feel that you are responsible for this loss. It is like feeling responsible for a scrapping of project that you were assigned. But you should remember that the project was just assigned to you and you are not the project owner. Understand that in this case God is the project owner in this case and he knows better which projects can survive and which not. If you are a non-believer then try to remember all the science/medicinal facts which clearly say that most cases are miscarriages are due to chromosomal or hormonal problems and nothing to do with maternal activity or external factors.

    Cheers then.
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