What’s In A Name? {Review and Giveaway}

*This post features products I was gifted to review. Also, an awesome giveaway at the end ;) *

It took me two months to name my cat. Before I picked her up as a kitten, I was going to call her Fern. Once I brought her home, I decided to call her Daisy. After a while I felt Daisy didn’t really feel ‘right’, so I eventually settled on Star. If I had that much trouble naming a cat, can you imagine the pressure I felt to actually name my child??

I had three baby naming books, and had bookmarked numerous baby name websites. I wanted something different, but not too different, unusual but not wacky. Something that was easy to spell and pronounce. Every name I considered, I would run through all the scenarios of nicknames and possible reasons for being teased at school.

I think it’s safe to say I was slightly obsessed. I would constantly text name possibilities to hubby at work. I had about five different lists on the go. I had to find the perfect name, after all, my child would have to live with it FOREVER. Oh, the pressure!! Ironically, the name we chose was not found in any of my books or websites. I was flicking through a trashy magazine one night, and saw an article on the actress Milla Jovovich. And there it was; Milla. I text it to hubby, he text back that he loved it. And we had our name!

I know a lot of people say they need to see their bub first before they can settle on a name, but for us, she was always Milla. I distinctly remember telling the nurses in the operating suite as they were performing the emergency c-section, “Her name is Milla”, it was so important for them to know who she was, she wasn’t just any tiny baby, she was my daughter, Milla.

The sign the nurses in NICU made for Milla's humidity crib.
The sign the nurses in NICU made for Milla’s humidity crib.

We still love her name (no changing it after we brought her home, unlike the poor cat!) so I was thrilled when I won a $50 voucher for Stuck On You recently, so I could order a fancy back pack with the name “Milla” on it. (Just in time for childcare!)

I loved the process of designing and ordering my bag on-line, and then the super fast postage, I received it within three days! The bag was gorgeous, and really high quality. I was so impressed, I contacted Stuck On You to thank them for great service, and also offered to review some of their other products on my blog.

It turns out that Stuck On You actually started from reviews from other mums.
The owner of the company invited 10 of her close friends over for lunch and gave them free labels in exchange for the addresses of ten of their friends. From that small beginning, starting through word of mouth, the company grew to what it is today!

They were more than happy to gift me some of their products to review, and share my thoughts with all of you, as well as providing a $50 gift voucher for me to give away, so a lucky reader can try the products out for themselves.

Ordering the products is actually half the fun, I love that the website www.stuckonyou.com.au allows you to preview exactly what your product will look like, including the name you are using, the colour and the design.

screen shot

Be prepared to spend ages switching between designs and fonts, finding the perfect match! (Or is that just me??)

The products I chose to review are the lunch pack, the library bag and the small pocket pencil case.

The lunch pack is great value, as it combines both the personalised lunchbox and drink bottle.

The best part about the lunch box is the size. I often find regular lunch boxes basically just fit a sandwich and not much else. These lunch boxes can fit a sandwich, and two large pieces of fruit. They would also fit things like little tubs of yogurt too. They are even big enough to fit single serve containers (the one in my example is a Tupperware one)

LunchboxOr, if you little one is like my daughter, and not so keen on food, it also holds plenty of little books too…;)

Lunchbox PlayThe lunch box is water repellent, and really easy  to wipe down if there are any leakages inside.

The drink bottle that comes in the lunch pack is 500ml, stainless steel, with a pop top and a flip over lid. Milla uses it for childcare, and I have had so many compliments on it! It’s super cute, and much better quality than the plastic ones we were using before.

Drink Bottle

I was very excited about the library bag, as previous we had just been using the dodgy bright yellow bag issued by the library, and honestly, every time I use it I’m holding my breath waiting for everything to fall out the bottom, it’s that flimsy. The Stuck On You bag is really strong, made from thick, sturdy material, with an easy wipe clean lining inside. (Because lets face it, kids are grotty little creatures!) It’s big too, fits heaps of books, even the quite large picture books.

Library Bag

Finally the the small pocket pencil case, a personalised pencil case which was just the right size for Milla’s pencils and crayons, with a little pocket on the front, where I keep the pencil sharpener. I would however recommend getting the large pocket pencil case if your child will be using it at school, so things like a ruler etc will fit. The pencil case is made of the same sturdy material as the library bag, with the easy clean lining inside.

Pencil Case

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part- Everything had Milla’s name on it! Of course, I chose pink, being my, I mean, Milla’s, favourite colour ;)  (Everything is also available in red or navy blue) and I chose Owls, as Milla loves anything ‘Hoot’ at the moment.

All in all, I was really impressed with the whole process. A fun, interactive website, extremely fast postage, and great quality products.

If you want to check out Stuck On You for yourself, you can find them here ~

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Or, of course, on their website, www.stuckonyou.com.au

To coincide with The Hesitant Housewife Facebook Page reaching 1000 likers, I am also running my first giveaway to celebrate!

I have a $50 Stuck On You voucher for one lucky reader to win!

$50 voucherFollow the prompts below, and leave a comment telling me how you chose your child’s (or pets!) name, or even what you think of the name chosen for you? Good luck! xx



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22 comments on “What’s In A Name? {Review and Giveaway}

  • Elephant's Child , Direct link to comment

    One of our cats got her name in a less than desirable way. She was tiny when she came to us (she and her mother had been dumped in a cardboard box on the road). We couldn’t agree on a name. And then. She crapped in my clean laundry. The next day she did it again. And her name was Mud. As a brown tabby it was not totally inappropriate anyway.
    On a much happier note – I loved the photos of Milla in this post. She is simply beautiful.

  • Tracey Kellock , Direct link to comment

    I chose the name Ben for our son because i wanted a strong masculine name for him that is easy to spell ( lucky it is because he has Autism and can now spell his own name) His dad chose his middle name, Floyd. After Pink Floyd of course!!!

  • Jaclyn Atkinson , Direct link to comment

    Our wonderful little boys name is ‘Lucas’. We chose not to find out the gender, so consequently needed names for both genders…we were all set for girls names…but 2 weeks before we were due we decided we’d better get a move on! We wanted a name that had a good meaning and for which we liked all the nicknames. Lucas was in the top 2. Then my husband discovered that if we chose Lucas, he would be able to say (insert darth vader voice :) “Luke, I am your father”! That clinched it, and we were decided. When the dr said ‘It’s a boy, what’s the name shortlist?’ I simply said, I don’t need one, that’s my son Lucas. :) Every time I say it, I think, what a great name! Incidently, it means ‘the bringer of light’, which is what he does to our lives every day!!

  • Maree Moffat , Direct link to comment

    We have 3 little girls. Our first born like you I fretted over. Then one day my hubby come up with Natalie and over time it grew on me & then I met her and I knew. Then our 2nd born, my hubby had been watching the reality show Family Jewels that followed Gene Simmons from band KISS. His daughter is called Sophie. For all she could have access to with her Dad’s wealth she seemed ground. So we decided on Sophie. Then our final princess come along and again I fretted. Then kept coming back to Phoebe (which means Moon Princess) it stuck and seemed appropriate because she is little cancerian – ruled by the moon. And that is how we named our princesses.

  • Lee , Direct link to comment

    I chose Drew because I always liked it and I was going to call my child Drew whether he was a boy or a girl. I also loved Drew Carey.

  • Sea Mummy , Direct link to comment

    Hmmm – first 2 children were a compromise – but I love both of their names – first is Amelia – after Milly Molly Mandy – I loved those books when I was a kid – her middle name is Molly, and all of our children have a third name which is a family name… Second is Isabella – we loved that name. Third is Katinka – whom we now nick name Kitty, she was born so tinky tiny at 24 weeks! She fits her name! Fourth baby girl is Ellie – she was named after Elisabeth a mish mash of my middle name and my husbands mothers middle name! She is truly our little Ellie. Fifth baby girl I desperately wanted to call Chloe – it was my childhood dream to call a baby Chloe – but my husband is in the Navy and has this dreadful habit of reminding me of some Navy song that is not so… nice about a particular name,,, this or that… so Chloe was never on his books, we named our last little baby Emily – whom we call Emmy and we love her – its just that I look at her and I just dont see an Emily smiling back at me – I see a Chloe! Really! So your blog tonight – totally resonated with me – it is so hard to decide on a name! Well done on Milla, what a beautiful choice for your beautiful daughter… xx

  • Lisa @ Two Point Five Kids , Direct link to comment

    Hubby DESPERATELY wanted to call our firstborn George.
    Yes, George.
    Wasnt gonna happen.
    I compromised on Geordie as hubby is actually a Geordie from Newcastle, England.
    Sadly, our second born was named after an outlaw bikie gang member from the TV show Sons of Anarchy – Jax. We were watching the programme when I was pregnant and we both really liked the name.

  • Karen Edwards , Direct link to comment

    We have a 6 day old baby girl named Mia Grace we both loved the name as soon as we heard it and it suits her too :-)

  • Crystal Jones , Direct link to comment

    I named my daughter Aaliyah after seeing the late singers name one day and just loved that it was different without being weird and was still really feminine :)

  • Erin Walters , Direct link to comment

    I lovingly named our first dog, Gigi. I got her name out of the first baby book I had bought, we had unfortunately suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks with our first pregnancy so hubby got me a mini Pomeranian to dote over whole we kept trying! Then along came our first son, whom we named Aurelio. His name was easy and is after hubby’s grandfather. When pregnant with our second son i couldn’t think if any boy names I liked! I always thought I’d have girls haha. So after looking at every website and baby name book I could find, hubby suggested Fabian. I hated it! Then he said what if we change the “b” to a “v”. Favian. I wasn’t to sure but we played around with it for a couple if weeks and decided that was it! Now I love it! Our second dog, a German Shepard, I’ve named Lola. We are done having little humans, and with having two boys, I was never going to get to use my favourite girls name, so our giant German Shepard got it instead. I love all the names we picked for all our little people and pets <3

  • Leigh , Direct link to comment

    Our eldest is Lachlan and his brother is Ben. We had a handful of boys names for both of them but Lachlan and Ben were front runners. Our little girls name was Isabella. I love both their names and can’t imagine them by any other :)
    Leigh recently posted…Mandatory Training…My Profile

  • Neen , Direct link to comment

    I had some naming books and had a flick through but I wasn’t as obsessive as you Jane lol! My partner was absolutely set on the name Summer. We wanted to keep our name ideas secret because there would always be people who would say ‘I don’t like that name’ so I decided to let everyone know her name once she was born and then they wouldn’t be able to say anything lol. Anyway, one name that I liked, and was actually suggested by a couple of others as well, was Mikaela. My partner was still set on Summer. So we had two options. When she was born she was so dark and looked like her daddy. Mikaela is the female name for Michael which is my partner’s name. I said to him she looks like Mikaela like her daddy but left it up to him to decide. Yes he decided on Mikaela and I am so glad. It definitely was perfect.

    PS. Jane I’m having issues with the email sign up part of the rafflecopter. I signed up but it won’t let me click on the tick without ‘filling in the box’ so I write done in there or my email but it doesn’t like anything. What am I supposed to put in the box? (not the email sign up bit, the box underneath) xx
    Neen recently posted…Evaluation and Re-focusMy Profile

  • Claire , Direct link to comment

    My first daughter is named Amy after my cousin who shares my birthday. My second daughter is Freya as I heard the name when working in child care and loved it. My Son is Ronin as my husband and I had trouble deciding and wrote a list each and it was on both.

  • Emma @ Family Life Central , Direct link to comment

    We had the name Marissa picked out for our eldest almost from the moment we were told we were having a girl – I had recently watched a Marissa Tomei movie (maybe bed of roses??) and had fallen in love with the name. We stuck with the name right up until our beautiful daughter was born and we were told he was actually a handsome boy!!! He remained nameless for three days until one midwife, hearing us discuss the name Isaac, informed us that it meant “mother’s laughter” – this seemed so appropriate seeing as all we could do when they told us he was a boy was laugh and laugh and all our family thought we were joking when we rang to tell them. It worked out quite well really because we had honestly never actually considered how close Marissa was to my husband’s name Mauricio.

  • Erin , Direct link to comment

    We have 2 boxers called Dakoda & Memphis. I wanted to call Dakoda Crumpet but my hubby wouldn’t let me and I couldn’t see myself calling out crumpet in the backyard so its now her middle name. Memphis’ is waffles. We also have Owen, Hope & Henry but they aren’t so funny as the other too lol

  • Krystal , Direct link to comment

    Like every women I had a list of names that were tucked away waiting for the day i was pregnant. I loved Isobel, rose, elli and Lucy. I had never even considered boys names. So when we found out we were pregnant and it was a girl I thought I was all set.

    But of course hubby vetoed every name on my childhood list. So we searched books and websites and tried to ignore every horrible name suggestions from the in laws for months.

    Until one day the name Willow popes up on a random google search by hubby at 3am in the morning for unique girls names. We also had Paige chosen just I case she didnt look like a willow.

    But the moment she was born and we saw her for the first time we both simultaneously whispered willow.

  • Ande , Direct link to comment

    Our first daughter we liked the name Monique but ruled it out when I ran it by my nephews for potential teasing and they said ‘Mogeek’. My husband picked Arwen from Lord of the Rings but when I say her tiny face 6 weeks early we knew that Arwen was not her name. Monique it is and my darling nephews have never called her ‘Mogeek’. In saying that she is a bit of a Geek, glasses, orthotics in her shoes, smartest in the class. Have I sadly sealed her fate with her name choice.
    The other three not as interesting but I love their names all the same

  • Meg Wilks , Direct link to comment

    My eldest daughter was named after my favourite flower, Lillies always crept into my life at some point whether it was a surprise bunch from my mum, or a boyfriend. My mums favourite flower is lillies too. She lives in the UK and i’m in Australia so our way of showing how we missed each other and loved each other we would send flowers (lillies) at random times throughout the year. It didn’t need to be a birthday or mothers day. Any time was special.

  • Twinkle in the Eye , Direct link to comment

    My mum and dad names me after the prostitute Bree in the movie Clute starring Jane Fonda. No one had the name Bree then and whenever I would introduce myself I would get the standard “your name is what?”, “Oh like the cheese”. No, not the like the cheese!!! It’s a more common name now so not too much of a problem :-)
    Twinkle in the Eye recently posted…Flash Blog Friday Linky PartyMy Profile

  • tupperware indonesia , Direct link to comment

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