Wordless Wednesday ~ Adelaide

What a fabulous weekend in Adelaide I had, finally meeting a lovely on-line friend.

Finally meeting my beautiful friend Kirsty in person.


Best sushi I’ve ever eaten in my life!


First time I’ve been out dancing at a club since before I was pregnant.


First stop on our winery tour in the Barossa Valley, Grant Burg at Krondoff, and we bought 6 bottles of Moscato between us!


Lunch at the stunning Kabminye Winery.


Rockford Winery, where I bought my hubby a fancy bottle of red wine, to thank him for looking after Milla back in Melbourne by himself.


Maggie Beer Farm House, where Maggie Beer herself made an appearance! (Just quietly, I didn’t know who she was!)


Kirsty and I at the famous Jacob’s Creek Winery.


On Sunday I got to meet another mum from our on-line birth group forum Felicity, and had a lovely catch up over coffee.


Finally, because you’re probably sick of looking at my face, a lovely scenery shot from Mnt Lofty.


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