Wordless Wednesday ~ Santa! ?>

Wordless Wednesday ~ Santa!

The thing I love most about Santa photos, is having a record of how much Milla has grown over the previous twelve months.

Milla had her very first Santa photo at two months old, however seeing as she was born two months premature, she was still teeny tiny, (2.6kgs, to be exact) and slept through the whole thing. I love this Santa, as he was obviously the real deal, not one of those poorly disguised ‘helper’ Santas…

Santa Photo

The following year, she was not quite as relaxed…

Santa Photo

Last year, I got to sit on Santa’s lap… (not awkward at all!!)

Santa Photo

This year is my favourite Santa photo. We visited a special ‘Sensitive Santa’, especially for autistic children. It was in the morning, before the shops opened, so nice and quiet, with no lining up. We had a 20 minute booking, so Milla could explore the environment, and try and warm up to Santa. Unfortunately Milla was not keen on Santa AT ALL, so he had to make a sneaky appearance in our photo…

Santa Photo

 Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all the support throughout 2013. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday period, however you choose to celebrate and I will ‘see’ you again in 2014.

Jane xx

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18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Santa!

  1. What gorgeous Santa photo’s (yes even the one where Milla is crying) … but I have to say that my favourite is the Sensitive Santa. What a brilliant idea. Wish there were Sensitive Santa’s when my kids were little! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! :-) xo
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  2. I wish I knew about sensitive Santa, even though my dd is not on the spectrum she has a hard time at shopping centres and hates Santa. This would have been perfect. I love looking at how much they have grown and changed in that 12 months it is such a beautiful tradition and keepsake. :)

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