Almost Jane. A work in progress.

It is with a little sadness, but much excitement, that I say goodbye to The Hesitant Housewife and introduce “Almost Jane.”

I have been writing as The Hesitant Housewife since 2011, so it does feel strange to be letting go of what really felt like part of my identity. Regular readers will know that my hand was somewhat forced, after a pornography site popped up, also called ‘Hesitant Housewife’. Awkward.

At first I was so upset about having to ‘rebrand’, I am not great with change. However, as the new site slowly began to take shape, I started to realise that perhaps it was time to move on. When I first started The Hesitant Housewife, Milla was just a baby, and my blog was about chronicling the life that lead to my ‘happily ever after’.  As if that was the end of the story. Three years later, and we have found ourselves adjusting to living with a child on the Autism Spectrum. My life has taken yet another twist, and as one chapter ends, we are thrown head first into the next. Turns out ‘happily ever after’ is not the finish. For me it is a whole new story, but this time with someone to hold my hand during the scary parts.

The title, “Almost Jane”, leads from my previous tagline, “The journey from who I was, to who I am and who I want to become.”  I know how cliche it sounds, but at almost 34 years old, I am truly still trying to find myself. I have always felt defined by other peoples opinions of me. I was the daughter who was never good enough. The ditzy blonde friend who played dumb because that’s what people expected. The girlfriend/wife who was useless and stupid. The ex-wife who was a bitch and unbalanced. The serial girlfriend who jumped from one dysfunctional relationship to the next. The damaged woman who lived a double life; capable coordinator by day and drunk and self-harming by night.

So many layers to peel away, to find who I really am.


And now the babushka dolls make more sense, don’t they?

I am a work in progress. My history does not define me. Some days that is harder to believe that than other days. I am almost Jane…

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  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    I love the name it is perfect and fits so.well to what you just described. I have followed your blog since the beginning and too was sad when yiu said you were so glad you.have and that I as one of your readers is able to continue to follow your journey. Welcome to the blog world Almost Jane.

    PS the Babushkas finally.make sense. Love it amd you.

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Thanks Julia :) Thankfully the transition has been quite seamless, much easier than I expected! xx

  • Housewife in Heels , Direct link to comment

    I often used to pop into your previous blog, but never commented. I remember you announcing your concerns re porn sites. My blog name has the same issue, although it doesn’t phase me. In fact I laugh thinking people search my site thinking that’s what it’s about! How disappointing when they realise it’s a mummy blog! But love the new name and story behind it x

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Haha! Oh, I can just imagine the disappointment they must feel ;) I use to get some interesting search terms leading to my site, but it was when I actually landed on the other site that it all made sense. Unfortunately only 3 letters difference in URL (they were .com and I was .net)

  • Kate @ From Katie to Kate , Direct link to comment

    Almost Jane. I love that. I think most of us are a work in progress. Almost getting to who we want to be… I hope the fresh start and new beginning make the hassle of a rebrand all worthwhile.

  • sonia stackhouse , Direct link to comment

    I think this is really exciting for you Jane and I for one look forward to the peeling back of the layers. Love the new look and the new name. Very very fitiing hun xx

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