Finding Jane ~ Part Two.

After feeling so unhappy with myself, since becoming a stay at home, I decided that I needed to do something to get back my mojo.

Enter Justine, from Total Image Solutions. She very kindly offered to give me a colour consultation, and a body shape consultation. Once we have worked out what colours compliment me, and what clothes compliment my body style, she is then going to take me shopping. She will help me to choose some new clothes. to get me out of my baggy track suit pants, and my husbands hoodies that have become my ‘uniform’.

As I waited for Justine to arrive on Monday, I was so nervous, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. As soon as she arrived though, Justine made me feel at ease. She is a mum, just like me, and has been exactly where I am now. Stuck in a rut, unhappy with her new post baby body. Justine was very realistic, she understood that I needed to find a style that I was comfortable in, that suited my lifestyle as a busy mum. Her philosophy is very clear- this isn’t about turning me into someone else, it’s not even about being fashionable. It’s about respecting myself, treating myself well, and getting back the confidence that I have lost since having a baby.

The colour consultation was really fascinating. Sitting under natural light, I was wrapped in a white cloth, and different coloured swatches of fabric were placed near my face, and Justine studied them, taking notes on what colours reflected the best with my skin tone. Once she had selected all the colours, she did some ‘magic’ stylist collating, and declared me a ” Cool, Muted and Light”  In layman’s terms this basically translates as clothes that are very dark or bright are too harsh for my skintone, and also colours that are very pale would wash me out. The best colours to base my wardrobe in are navy, medium gray, charcoal blue and rose brown. Justine did explain though, that really those colours mainly apply to what you wear on top, closest to your face.

This is just a really broad description, there is so much else you can apply this too, hair colour, jewelery, make up etc, but you get the idea. Once you know where you fit in, you can then make the best choices to compliment your skin tone. Included in the consultation is a “Personal Colour Solutions” booklet, that outlines everything you need to know for your skin-tone. It also has information on how colours can be used to emphasise and disguise different parts of our body, makeing us appear taller, wider, slimmer etc.

The second part of the consultation was the Body Shape analysis. For this Justine used a tape measure to take my measurements, and determine what type of shape I am. I am a ‘Rectangle’ ~ my bust and hips are relatively similar in circumference, with very little definition in the waist. I should aim for clothes that define my waist, and broaden my shoulders to create a more inverted triangle shape. I wont go into lots of detail about the type of clothes I should wear, as it is different for every shape, so not particularly relevant for everyone, but here are some interesting things I learned that can be applied to any body shape:

  • Emphasis your best features to distract from the features you are self conscious about, eg. To draw attention away from your stomach, wear a pretty necklace, or neck line on your top to draw people focus to your décolletage.
  •  The slimmest parts of most womens bodies are their wrists and ankles, so draw attention to these by wearing 3/4 length sleeves and pants.
  • Vertical stripes make you appear taller, and horizontal stripes make you appear wider. So for the rectangle body shape, I would wear horizontal stripes on top, to make me appear broader, and vertical stripes on the bottom to make me appear taller.
  • A pattern or print running down the centre of the body makes a person appear slimmer, and pattern/print on the sides of the body make a person appear wider.

There were so many other hints and tips that Justine gave me, particularly aimed at my specific “Rectangle” body type. Something that really stuck with me was this- Our bodies change after we have children. Most of the time, (unless you’re Miranda Kerr!) they will never go back to the way they were. That’s why, instead of ‘hiding’ it away under layers of baggy clothes, (which just make you look bigger and shapeless anyway) we need to embrace it, and learn how to dress to to emphasise our best features and disguise the features we aren’t happy with. Notice I said ‘disguise’, and not ‘hide’? ;)

For so long, I have been hiding away under baggy, ill fitting clothes. It didn’t make me feel better about myself, it made me feel ashamed. When Justine took this ‘before’ picture, I honestly couldn’t believe that is what I’ve been looking like. It’s so evident that I have no pride in my appearance, no wonder I’ve been ‘Missing Me’. This is not who I want to be.

Justine is so passionate about what she does. She has completed an internationally accredited course, and if she wanted to, she could get work in the the posh inner city suburbs, and make a tidy profit. However, that’s not what she’s about, that’s not why she became an image consultant. Justine’s passion is to help women like me. Women who have given up on their own sense of style, lost their confidence, and have been so consumed by their roles of ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ that they have lost their individuality. Her passion is contagious. By the end of our session, I felt inspired. I felt ready to make some changes, I felt like I deserved to look nice, and feel good about myself, not to please anyone else, not just for special occasions,  but FOR ME. I’m excited.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services Justine from Total Image Solutions can provide, you can visit her website , ‘like’ Total Image Solutions on Facebook , or give her a call on 0438 271948. Another service that is coming soon to Total Image Solutions is “Girls Night In” where a group of friends can get together and Justine will come to you for a fun and informative styling session, so keep your eyes out for that!

Finding Jane ~ Part Three, is when the magic happens!! Tomorrow I am getting my hair done for my birthday, then on Saturday I am hitting the shops with my own personal shopper and stylist Justine, and she will help me choose some new clothes based on what I have learned about my colours and body shape. Then, the fun part, I will share all the “After” photos with you! So stay tuned xx

*DISCLAIMER* I am receiving the services from Total Image Solutions in return for writing about them on my blog. I approached Justine and proposed this arrangement, as I genuinely feel that it could benefit my readers to see what services there are available that can assist with finding and defining your personal style. I really feel this is relevant, particularly after discussions with many of my readers who are struggling to define their identity after becoming a mother.

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