Life on the Spectrum. A Reflection.

Ah, April. It rolls around every year, without fail. Prior to 2013, it was just a month in the year. I had honestly no idea that is was technically World Autism Awareness Month/Week/Day (April 2nd). I did not become ‘autism aware’ until my daughter Milla was diagnosed with autism in December 2012, shortly after her second birthday. Suddenly my Facebook feed is filled with ‘Autism Awareness’ posts and events every year.

Arguments for and against. Light it up blue! We hate blue! Share the puzzle piece! Puzzle pieces are insulting! Awareness! Acceptance!

Then April passes and everyone just slips quietly back to regular programming. Except for those living on the spectrum and the families and friends who love them. What is this ‘regular programming’ you speak off??

However April is the month that people are more open to ‘tune in’ to what life is like slightly askew of societies norms, so who am I to let an opportunity slide for a glimpse in to a world only some of us are privy to be let in to.

These are Milla’s stories. I am only sharing my insight in to them, however limited. One day she may have the words and inclination to share them herself.

Where it all started. Sitting in a small office, full of fear and empty of knowledge.

The Diagnosis.

My first “World Autism Awareness Month.”  Where I wondered what the hell I was supposed to be fighting for?

Autism Is Not My Agenda.

We are a team, this girl and I.

Dear Milla.

God this period was hard. So hard. But as hard as it was on us as Milla’s parents, what really breaks my heart was how hard it must have been for her.

A is for Anxiety.

That one time I was really pissed off.

Autism. Where I stand.

Some lessons I learned about dealing with funding, resources and therapy. The hard way.

Helping Children With Autism Funding. What Next? 

I know, my child does not look like they have autism. Remind me again what autism looks like?

My Child Is Not Just Like Yours. 

Miss Milla has come a long way. Our normal may not look like other families, but it’s ours.

Ebb and Flow. 

Autism Awareness Day, 2016. Acceptance. Milla, a combination of the best and worst traits of my husband and I, of her environment, of her autism.

Autism Acceptance.

2017- Miss Milla May. To be continued.

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  • Elephants Child , Direct link to comment

    She is growing up fast. And beautiful.
    I hope your normal continues to bring you love and laughter as well as the challenges.

  • Leo Tat , Direct link to comment

    Jane, have you looked into the ketogenic diet for autism? It’s been prescribed for children with epilepsy for over a hundred years, and more recently it has been found to be beneficial to autism too. Type into google ‘ketogenic diet autism’, you should find plenty of information there. In one study of 30 kids, the ones who had the best response were ones most mildly autism affected.

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