Listmania Link-up ~ Currently I am.

This year I am going to (try) and link up with Deb from Home Life Simplified for “Listmania” every Monday.

Here is the first one ~ Currently I am.

Reading: Reading.

Listening to:  The Wiggles, Justine Clark, Hi5… Very sophisticated tastes we have here!

Laughing at:  This crazy kid.Laughing

Swooning over: A Dyson vacuum. Any Dyson vacuum. I want one! I promise I will actually use it!!!

Planning: Life-is-what-happens-john-lennon-quote

Eating lots of: More like drinking… on the meal replacement shake ‘diet’ again. It wont last.

Feeling: So very tired! Little miss is waking through the night, up for the day before sunrise, and has given up her day sleep. The less sleep she has, the more I need!

Discovering: New friends, after sharing how lonely I am.

Looking at: Literally. Looking at.

Wearing: The “Summer in Australia” uniform ~ Shorts, singlet and thongs!

Cooking: Not a lot. Hubby and I on shake diet, and Milla is refusing to eat anything except for cold baked beans at the moment. Oh, the joy of a fussy toddler!

Wondering: What the new year will bring. When will we get started with early intervention? How will it help Milla?

Trying out: This week I am visiting a child care centre, to possibly ‘try out’ Milla one day a week in care. Both for her stimulation and a little break for me.

That’s what I’m currently doing. How about you?

33 comments on “Listmania Link-up ~ Currently I am.

  • Deb @ Home life simplified , Direct link to comment

    Yay Jane – so excited to see you here and get to know you (and everyone else) better.

    I laughed out loud at your music and little miss photo – she is so cute!

    have your lonely post open and will read later – sending love!

    • Hesitant Housewife , Direct link to comment

      Which shakes do you use Tina? And do they actually fill you up? I have yet to find one that doesn’t leave me starving an hour or so later… :/

      • Tina Gray , Direct link to comment

        I’ve been using the “lose baby weight” shakes. I don’t feel hungry afterwards because you can add fruit, oats and seeds into the shakes to help fill you up. Having said that, I’ve fallen off the wagon and need to climb back on again.

  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    Hi Jane, my hubby did shake & vitamin weightloss with a company called Usana :he lost approx 20kgs. Good luck with yours-hang in there. Your little girl is so cute! Great getting to know you for listmania x

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths , Direct link to comment

    I SO understand the fussy eater – my son, on principle, won’t eat anything remotely healthy and is smart enough to know when we are trying to hoodwink him – cheeky monkey! Sending lots of positive vibes for the new child care setting and for the commencement of early intervention – I really hope you can start that soon, it will help you all out so much. Feel free to contact me if you need anything Jane – even just to vent, I’m particularly good at that myself!

  • Claire T , Direct link to comment

    Oh I can relate to the tired. Miss Nearly Three is doing no day sleep and ending up in our bed every night. It is not a super king so no one apart from her gets much sleep. I keep threatening to check into a hotel! Good luck with the daycare trial!

  • Nat , Direct link to comment

    I must admit, I’m not envious of your listening to. I’m so glad all my boys have finally out grown them, though the 22 year old still sings a mean “Hot Potato”

  • Stacey-Lee , Direct link to comment

    Good luck on your childcare search, hopefully then you can have a break from the lovely music you have been listening to :) although you will probably miss it!

  • Née Say , Direct link to comment

    Hey, we can’t go knocking Justine or the Wiggles. Hi-5 does my head in though so you are a stronger woman than I!! Good luck with your autism journey. I hope you find the answers & support you need (& some sleep) x

  • Lyndal , Direct link to comment

    oh i hear you about the dyson…. i’m totally going to have to factor that into the house deposit savings some where!

  • Bec , Direct link to comment

    Love your list!!
    Cold baked beans are a staple in this house too. Kids love them!

  • Kelly , Direct link to comment

    Hi Jane,
    I absolutely recommend a Dyson vac, I love mine! We recently bought a dyson dust buster as well which is fantastic for cleaning out the car.

  • Shell , Direct link to comment

    Yours was my alternative answer for “what I’m listening to” lol – I haven’t listened to music for me (other than the radio, I refuse to go to kid music in the car) for 4 years now! Hope you get some more sleep/rest soon xox

  • Elephant's Child , Direct link to comment

    The John Lennon quote is beyond true. Love the photo of Mila, and love, love, love that you are connecting with new friends. Yay.

  • Lee , Direct link to comment

    The photo of Milla is absolutely priceless! So gorgeous. Good luck with looking a child care centre. It sounds like you have had a recent diagnosis, I hope you are doing ok. xx

    • Hesitant Housewife , Direct link to comment

      Thanks Lee. Yes, mu daughter was diagnosed with ASD in December. We’ve just got into early intervention though, so on the right path :) xx

  • nellbe , Direct link to comment

    I have a 3 year old too and they are just exhausting. However that photo of your lovely girl in the mirror is just precious. Good luck for the childcare hunt, we are doing it for the first time with my 3 year old this year as well! Mum’s definitely need their breaks.

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