My Mini Imelda {Review and Giveaway}

This giveaway has now finished.

*This post features a product I was gifted for review. Also, an awesome giveaway at the end. Oh, and pictures of Milla looking super cute ;) *

You wouldn’t think some things could be hereditary. Sure; eye colour, allergies, the shape of your nose. But a shoe obsession? Really? Yet it would appear a certain young lady of mine, lets call her Milla, is as much of a shoe fan as her mum!

In my younger years, I may have had, erm, a fair few shoes…I had a pair of high heels in every colour of the rainbow, boots in black, red and brown, fancy high tech runners that never ran a day in their lives. I would buy entire outfits to match my shoes.

Naturally after having a baby, my priorities shifted. So you can imagine my delight surprise when Milla started showing an interest in shoes. All her shoes are kept in the same place, and whenever it’s time to go out, she will go and choose a pair of shoes to wear. Sure, there have been a few dodgy calls, (sandals with socks is a repeat offender) however, generally, the girl got style. As Milla’s speech has improved, she has begun naming her shoes. We have ‘Sparkle Shoes’, ‘Crocs’ (hey, they’re cute on little kids OK) ‘Light Shoes’, ‘New Pink Shoes’ (which are not new anymore, but still hold their title) ‘Heart Shoes’ and, introducing… ‘Boots’!

Milla's Boots

The lovely people at bettskids gifted Milla these super cute winter boots, “Magnolia”, for me to review. Milla’s very first pair of boots! (is this an actual milestone, or am I still too obsessed with shoes?!)

Obviously, the first thing I noticed was how cute they are. I find sometimes children’s boots can be modeled too similarly on adult boots. I liked the fact these boots look like little girls boots. I love the flower detail, and how the burgundy and pale pink break up the black, as well as the pink stitching.

The boots are made from leather, and feel very firm, with a strong toe. (Excellent if your little ones are prone to scuffing the toes of their shoes, as mine does!) The inside of the boot is padded, and really looks like it will keep little toes warm during Winter at the park or on walks. Also, the sole of the boots are non slip, an absolute necessity when out and about in the wet.

Of course, none of this matters to a two year old fashionista, so, most importantly, what did Miss Milla think?

bettskids1 bettskids bettskids2

She loves them! She has always been very interested in ‘Mummy’s boots’, so was so excited to have a pair of her own. As soon as I put them on her, she was off in front the mirror, checking herself out. It is now a struggle to get her into anything other than ‘Boots’, so I think it’s safe to say Milla gives them her ‘stamp’ of approval!

So now comes the best bit of any review ~ THE GIVEAWAY!

Bettskids are giving away a pair of kids shoes to the value of $100 to two lucky readers. With Winter just around the corner, what perfect timing to get a pair of new season shoes, and bettskids has just released their Autumn/Winter 2013 range. Here’s how to enter:

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2. LIKE Betts Kids Shoes on Facebook

3. Go to the bettskids website, and tell me in the comments below which pair of kids shoes you would choose for your little one and why. (please also state whether they are a boys pair or a girls pair)

Competition closes at midnight Friday 3rd of May EST. Winning entry will be chosen on creativity and originality. Open to Australian residents only. Winner will be announced on the blog.


Congratulations to CLAIRE S. AND NATASHA! You have each one a pair of bettskids shoes to the value of $100. Please contact me at to claim your prize! Thank you to Lisa from Two Point Five Kids for choosing the winners, what a hard decision she had, so many great entries!


41 comments on “My Mini Imelda {Review and Giveaway}

  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    How cool are the free-run in red? My little big boy would love himself sick in them :-)

  • Judith , Direct link to comment

    I love the Magnolia boots that Milla is wearing but my little Miss Bella has been eyeing off the Shuffles Groovy Baby Sketchers. Both are for girls. :)

  • Jade , Direct link to comment

    I would love the Amira pre-walker shoes for my little girl now she is on the move

  • Lisa Smith , Direct link to comment

    I love the Free Run range! They are so funky and bright, and my six year old boy would LOVE them!!

  • Crystal Jones , Direct link to comment


    I definately love the Magnolia boots for girls, my little girl has also never had a pair of boots yet so this winter will be her first also!
    I think she would absolutely love them she is in love with gumboots and all other shoes so I have no doubt she would love to prance around in a new pair of these boots :)

  • Natasha (tarshaa) , Direct link to comment

    She looks SO happy with her boots, I have never bought Miss Ruby boots even though she is 4 now because like you I struggle with them looking grown up, but those are fabulous!!

    I had so much fun looking through the shoes, the have such a fabulous range. My pick just has to be the DARLING boots, because they are absolutely darling. Boots covered in hearts? I’m in love!!!

    Thanks for such a wonderful competition :)

  • Ljfur1 , Direct link to comment

    Isnt Milla just adorable in the pics.
    Well I would choose the boys Mighty Flex Hustle INf for my little girl as everything has to be green in it somewhere and I think thy would be great for her when she is playing her littlies soccer

  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    Your little miss is way too cute in her new boots! I’m loving the Georgia ones for our smallest little girl. It’s her 3rd birthday this coming weekend & as well as asking for a dinosaur (?!) she’s also asking for boots like mummy’s!

  • Michelle Clark , Direct link to comment

    Sarah would love the darling boots in black and blue, although Milla’s boots are pretty awesome too!

  • Kathryn C 'kath3333' , Direct link to comment

    Oh my Miss Milla is so gorgeous prancing around in her boots :) If I was lucky enough to win I would have to pick the ‘subject-de’ for girls. My little girl starts school next year and these look so comfy and groovy for her!

  • Renee , Direct link to comment

    Ned (boys). My 3yr old who hates wearing shoes looked at them and said “oooh I like them!”.

  • Claire , Direct link to comment

    I love the Free Run 3 in blue for boys. After having 2 girls i have found that boys shoe shopping can be quite dull and uninspiring so it’s nice when you find a great range of boys shoes :)

  • Divine Sister , Direct link to comment

    Milla looks super cute and grown up in her new boots! :)

    My little girl brings such colour to my life….I would love to win her a pair of the Shuffle: Groovy Baby INF shoes to make her feet match her personality ;) <3 xxx

  • Lucy , Direct link to comment

    My daughter would love a pair of boots just like Milla’s! They are so cute, and look really comfy!

  • Marnie Reay , Direct link to comment

    Those boots are gorgeous and I hope I am doing this right as I have no idea if the subscription thing worked sorry. Bit computer illiterate. Max would love the air flex pilbara boots he loved his boots last season but sadly doesn’t fit them for this season.

  • Tracey Kellock , Direct link to comment

    Definatly would love the Magnolias’ for Miss 4, they would go with so many things in her winter wardrobe and i love the different coloured trim. Milla has great taste in shoes!

  • Rachael , Direct link to comment

    Oh Milla! :) xo
    So hard to choose just one favourite, so many adorable shoes!! But I can’t go past the girls pink Darling boots – sweet, comfy and perfect for winter!

  • Melissa T , Direct link to comment

    The Hartwell design in navy hues
    Would make the very best pair of shoes
    For my two-year-old daughter Kiara
    She’d look like a princess (she just needs a tiara!)
    With their hearts on the side and Velcro straps too
    For the cooler months ahead, these will certainly do!!

  • Simone , Direct link to comment

    Email: tige…………@

    We are huge fans of Betts kids here, we are on our 6th rewards card for 1, 5 year old girl. Our most recent purchases were the “Twirl” boots and the Sketchers “Shuffles triple up.” So after repeatedly changing her mind miss R, has chosen the “Prissy’s” ballet flats.

    Miss M looks absolutely gorgeous in her big girl boots Jane, not a little baby anymore.

  • Carolyn Baker , Direct link to comment

    Jane I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- you write SOOOO well, even when describing a pair of boots. They sound so good, I think I want some just the same as Milla’s!! : D
    Marcus would love any of the boys winter range, perhaps even a pair of the school shoes for Prep next year… He’s not had a pair of proper shoe store shoes before, has only had hand- me-downs and op shop/or Kmart special purchases! Thanks.

  • Kim m galwayst , Direct link to comment

    My daughter would love the girls “motion” pair of joggers, they are a black pair of joggers with hot pink trim, which she would love for school shoes, they are black enough to keep me happy but pink enough to keep her happy too!

  • Emily mc , Direct link to comment

    My lovely little Eliza would tap dance with happiness with the pretty pink Iris shoes xx

  • Tracey , Direct link to comment

    The summit boys school shoes would be perfect for Mr8 who has almost grown out of this years school shoes!

  • Brooke Sheppard , Direct link to comment

    Ooooo LOVE Millas boots!!!! Lola would love exactly the same ones :-) so yes a pair of the Magnolias, in black, size 6 pretty please with a cherry on top xxx

  • Brooke Sheppard , Direct link to comment

    Oops and meant to write my email isn’t the same as my name it’s the withlove one :-)

  • Sea Mummy , Direct link to comment

    Oh the Free Runs – the girls pair – so little miss 2 can think she is “zactly same” as her big sisters… She also thinks if she has “free run me’s” she never needs to “pay it” again at the shops… She was very proud, indeed, of her choice!

  • Rachel T (nickyandrachy) , Direct link to comment

    My little girl only has one pair of shoes. Because until a month ago she would scream unless she was bare foot. I can’t wait to start building up her shoe-drobe, especially as i’ve never been a big shoe person for myself until recently. I’d choose the Georgia shoes (girls) in a flash. They’d go with anything! I always wonder how they come up with shoe names.. and I did look for my girls name shoes before picking the Georgia ones lol!

  • Joanne Baillie , Direct link to comment

    oooh I would have to go for the Girls Airflex Dandilion in purple though I’m a sucker for red!! Our little Charlotte loves to play outside anytimeof day in any weather so these boots would be perfect for and she’s tiny so I think they would be super cute and practical on her! She would make them stand out!!

  • Karen Edwards , Direct link to comment

    My daughter would love the ballet flats I still need to buy her some good dressy shoes these would be perfect :-)

    email ~ saekae@

  • Bec Goodwin-Parry , Direct link to comment

    My Miss Matilda would look fabulous in the Magnolia for girls. They would suit so many items in her wardrobe with their beautiful colours making them so versatile.

  • Andrea Carter , Direct link to comment

    Although i absolutely love all of the boots and shoes for little girls, my daughter has way too many shoes for a two year old! Therefor I would love to win a pair of the ‘Eric’ shoes for my son for when he starts walking as I think he is already jealous of his sisters shoe collection!
    My last name on email is walker instead of Carter.

  • Cate Taylor , Direct link to comment

    My tot would love the Dandelion boot in purple, or my big girl would love the magnolia in brown :-)

  • Jenny Swift , Direct link to comment

    My little Miss 4 (going on 14 it seems!) said she’d just adore the cute Tropez girls boots. “Oh mum, those boots are sooooo much nicer than the shoes you get me… Maybe we could even get two pairs so then you can have some too because they are heaps prettier than the shoes you wear!”

    (Email name: jennymswift)

  • Rosemerri Bladwell , Direct link to comment

    Amity Grace is my little girls name,
    For her dress ups and jewellery is such a fun game.
    The Georgia boots would make her wardrobe complete,
    And then she would look ever so sweet!

  • Corinne , Direct link to comment

    My daughter would love he Georgia boots in either colour! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • Vicky Siderides , Direct link to comment

    I <3 shoes and so does my daughter :)
    Hard to choose but we both liked the Dandelion boots in red. A splash of bright red will liven up a dreary winters day . These boots would be great for jumping on crunchy Autumn leaves too.Fingers crossed we win!

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