My Life In 250-ish Words.

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I was born in Melbourne in 1980 and spent my first 18 years as an only child, until my sisterĀ  was born in 1998 and my brother in 2000. I was at my sisters birth, and to this day it remains one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

My baby sister and I, 1998.
My baby sister and I, 1998.

I was accepted into Melbourne University into Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching, but deferred halfway through the first year and never went back. I started working in childcare at 19, and when I was 26 I got a job as a coordinator of a Before and After School Care program. This lead me to a job working for local council as a coordinator of two vacation care programs. I absolutely loved my job, until a change in management, where I became a victim of workplace bullying and ended up going on stress leave for four months whilst an investigation was carried out. On my return to work, I moved departments and worked for Local Laws as a coordinator of all the school crossings in the municipality until I fell pregnant. I resigned after two years on maternity leave, to be a stay at home mum.

In 2005 I married a man I’d been with for six years, despite the fact he was emotionally and verbally abusive. I left him after 10 months of marriage when I realised I could never bring children into such a volatile environment.

In December 2009 I met my now husband. We had a our daughter two months premature in October 2010, and were married in a surprise wedding at Milla’s first birthday party in November 2011. Then we lived happily ever after….


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