Sand Play {Bonus Peppa Pig Giveaway}


I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but the Easter School Holidays are mere weeks away. In previous years, I’ve not really been affected. Milla was home all day, every day, 365 days of the year. However, this year is different. Milla has started Early Intervention, 3 year old kinder and we have our special needs play/support group. All of which break for the school holidays… See where I’m going with this?!

In preparation for two weeks at home, in Melbourne, where the weather is perfect one day, torrential rain the next, Milla and I have been playing with an activity which is crazy easy to put together, once you have the basics.

Sand Play.

I know right, sooo simple. Because I like to buy new things (!) I bought a fancy tray with a lid, and a toolbox to keep all the odds and ends together, but seriously, a $2 cat litter tray from the supermarket and some empty marg containers would do the exact same job. Add a bag of play sand from the local hardware shop, and you’re good to go. (make sure it is play sand as building sand is treated with different chemicals) Everything else we found around the house.

sand play

The thing I love about this activity, is that it’s so versatile. Have some toy animals? It’s a jungle!

Have some blocks, toy cars and doll house (or lego) people? It’s a city!


sand play city

If the weather is nice, it can be lead into with a treasure hunt outside; feathers, rocks, gravel, shells, gumnuts. A little mini beast world (in my house with very, very fake ‘mini beasts’, but if real bugs are your thing, go for it!) or, as Milla created today, a little fairy village.

sand play faries

It’s an activity that is literally as limitless as your imagination.

Because my head is constantly in ‘early intervention’ mode, I also love that it can be used as a developmental tool. Playing along side Milla, I see her enjoying the sensory experience of touching the sand, both wet and dry. She runs dry sand through her fingers, so it ‘rains’ on the animals. She builds sand castles with the wet sand for the fairies to live in.

We ‘role play’ with the little people; working on language, social skills and imagination.

The other day, Milla decided to have a tea party, and made cakes and pancakes with the wet sand, and poured cups of tea with the dry sand.

sand play tea-party

You could add cups and jugs, to do pouring and measuring (early maths skills anyone?) or little toy diggers and bulldozers to make a construction site. There are probably a million other ideas that I haven’t even thought of yet! I have a feeling Pinterest will be getting a workout these holidays… ;)


Never fear, if you are still looking for ideas to keep the little terrors darlings happy for the holidays, Peppa Pig would love to help…

Peppa Pig Giveaway

No? You don’t want to send the kids out to jump in muddy puddles?

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Please follow the prompts below, and leave a comment “What activities do you and your children enjoy on the school holidays?”

Competition closes 12am EDST on the 25th of March 2014.

Good Luck!

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26 comments on “Sand Play {Bonus Peppa Pig Giveaway}

  • Holly , Direct link to comment

    This will be our very first school holidays ever! We will do some lazing about and try to enjoy not having to be anywhere. Lots of painting and easter craft too. My kids like to paint those ceramic bunny figures for Easter to go on the table at lunch!

  • Tracey kellock , Direct link to comment

    Our favourite school holiday fun, is using water based paints to paint a large murual on our concrete path in the backyard. Both kids (5 & 9) love this activity!

  • Melanie , Direct link to comment

    We like catching up with family & friends for play dates. These school holidays 2 of my kids have their birthdays so we are going to the Zoo

  • Carolyn , Direct link to comment

    We love going to the park and the beach on the holidays. When we’re at home we do a lot of craft and painting

  • Andrea carter , Direct link to comment

    This will be our first kinder holidays and Livi has already told me she wants to play kinder with her little brother on the holidays! We love painting, cooking and we are planting a veggie garden at the moment so looking forward to digging/planting and watering seeds on the holidays xo

  • Aidan Williams , Direct link to comment

    Having 1 child at school, 1 at 4 year old kinder and a 20 month old, we go to the Zoo/Healesville Sanctuary (as we bought the yearly pass), if staying at home we make play dough or use kinetic sand and play indoors. If outside – it’s bike riding at the end of our quiet court.

  • Stephanie Veljanovska , Direct link to comment

    My son loves to do some Cooking and also an outing to his favourite place the Aquarium.

  • Michelle V , Direct link to comment

    We love camping in our loungeroom! We set up a ‘tent’ (usually chairs with sheets draped over the top), and we have some yummy snacks and watch a dvd in our tent, or do activities in our tent. Hours of fun and it doesn’t cost anything!

  • Laura , Direct link to comment

    We borrow loads of games and puzzles from the Toy Library and books and CD’s from the library to fill in the times when we would normally be out at activities :)

  • Chloe Barber , Direct link to comment

    Gardening, we made our very first veggie garden last holidays, education and fun at the same time.

  • Mithra , Direct link to comment

    These holidays we will be missing the beach, but I am looking forward to exploring our new surrounds and further instilling a love of all things ‘nature’ in my kidlets. Living within a National Park it would be remiss of me not to take them bushwalking, looking for trolls under bridges, listening for the echo of a “Coooeeeeee”, and best of all- it’s free!

  • Marnie , Direct link to comment

    We love baking. M (3yrs) loves baking all sorts waiting for it to cook cutting up fruit and veg and mixing mixing. We often make more than we could eat but he also loves sharing it with his play groups lots of fun :).

  • Kirsty Auchterlonie , Direct link to comment

    I love the box with a lid idea! Seems a lot tidier than the sandpit ;) our favourite thing to do on school holidays is bake a treat, then head to the park for a picnic and a play! Definitely going to add a ‘treasure hunt’ for sand games next time

    • Mahalia , Direct link to comment

      Jetzt ist mir was eieanfgllne. Bei Ebay komme ich auch nicht mit der Rücktaste des Browser wieder auf die Auswahl. Schön wäre aber schon. Kann man bestimmt in Session Cookies speichern.

  • Rebecca , Direct link to comment

    We often travel to the beach (as we don’t have one close by). Days of swimming and building sandcastles are so much fun.

  • Melanie Jones , Direct link to comment

    Our favourite activities are building with cartons/boxes/cans from the kitchen, painting using different brushes/sponges/feathers, chalk drawing on the drive way, and water play with the hose and some buckets and measuring cups.

  • Wendy S , Direct link to comment

    We love going exploring, anywhere there’s great pathways to walk along!

  • sapna , Direct link to comment

    We love to have atleast one new activity everyday to keep school holidays fun.

    Activities that we love are trip to the library, bike riding, picnics in our backyard, baking cupcakes,making pancakes, reading new fun books, painting and drawing ,writing poems ,watching movies and clicking pictures while going for a walk.

  • Jessie Hay , Direct link to comment

    Movie days, baking and trips to kid friendly places like local parks :)

  • Alison Briggs , Direct link to comment

    This will be my first school holidays with Master 5 and I am looking forward to them so much. Trips to the beach, adventures in the park, maybe even a movie date and SLEEP INS… yay for sleep in’s !!

  • Dianne Childs , Direct link to comment

    We love rollerskating, picnics in the park and visiting the local playgrounds. We also take our son to the cinema to see kid’s movies, and check out the school holiday activities at the local shopping centre. Lots of fun!

  • Cathy Stone , Direct link to comment

    Have cooking lessons with mum.
    Op shopping for bargains and board games.
    Lie in our teepee, and read favourite books.
    Invite friends over for a play date.
    Drive to our grand parents.
    Art Classes
    Yummy chips at the cafe.

    Attend Library craft activities.
    Climb rocks
    Take kids to the movies.
    Ice cream treat.
    Visit Japanese Gardens
    Ice skating
    Take bikes to park.
    Ice biscuits for morning tea.
    Enjoy a picnic.
    Swim at the pool.

  • Jodie louw , Direct link to comment

    One if the best things about school holidays is there are lots of free family activities on offer. I scan the local newspapers and Facebook what’s on pages and usually have something fun exiting and free to take the kids to!

  • Stacey Shailer , Direct link to comment

    If the weather is warm, definitely the slip-and-slide. However during winter, their favourite activity is helping me with chopping firewood for our wood heater! I’ve even bought them a small wagon each to pull kindling in :)

  • Nurse David , Direct link to comment

    As a shift worker anything we get to do together is our favourite activity because we get to have extra time together.

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