Still Stuck On Stuck On You! {Review and Giveaway}

*This post features products I was gifted to review. Also, an awesome giveaway at the end.* 

When I wrote my very first review for Stuck On You, Milla was just two years old, and about to start childcare. I had never left her with anyone before, and was in tears in the car park after dropping her off on her first day.


It’s hard to believe that now she will be turning four next month, and is off to kindergarten next year! How far she has come since that first day at childcare. This year she started at a new childcare, three year old kinder at her Early Intervention Centre, and ballet at a dance school. She has become a confident, independent little lady. Time seems to be just flying past, and in less than 18 months, Milla will be starting ‘big’ school! (How is that possible!?)

As I’m sure you’ve guessed from my previous reviews, I am a huge fan of Stuck On You, and was excited to get to trial some awesome products perfect for starting kinder and school. Uhh, I mean Milla, Milla was excited to trial some new products…  (Goodness, nearly gave away my secret stationary obsession… oh, wait…)

“Tools 4 School” Pack

stuck on you 8tools4school_secondry_1

This pack contains everything you need to start off the school year. Everything is labelled with your childs’ full name and the design of your (their!) choice.  Special mention to the slide on cover for the scissors; a great safety feature, particularly when they are kept in a pencil case.

stuck on you 2Milla was particularly excited about the the dual tip markers, or as she called them, the “fat and skinny” textas ;)

Stuck on you

The pencil case is a great size, with plenty of room to hold other bits and pieces as needed. There is also a front pocket to keep smaller stationary items such as erasers and sharpeners safe and easy to find. The grey lead pencils come with matching rubber grips, for ease and comfort when little ones are just learning to place their fingers in the ‘pincer’ position.

Personalised Art Smock

My bashful model!
My bashful model!

The personalised art smocks are made out of durable cotton canvas. You can choose from red, pink or navy, and obviously from the huge rands of original Stuck On You designs. This is a size four, and as you can see, it gives good coverage, and I would expect at least a years use out of this size, if not more. It comes with elasticised wrist cuffs, easy for a child to push up if the sleeves are a little long. It also has a tie up back, and a little pocket at the front. (According to Milla, this is where you keep your treasures! )

stuck on you 4


The canvas is thick enough that the pain doesn’t seep through to the clothes underneath, and it is machine washable.


stuck on you 6

I think the thing that really makes Stuck On You products stand out, is the quality. Milla is still using her backpack from nearly two years ago, without any sign of wear. Same goes for her library bag and lunch bag. I can already see that Milla will outgrow her art smock well before she wears it out (and trust me, this kid does a lot of craft!!)

I also love the ordering process. The website gives you the opportunity to preview exactly what the finished product will look like, with the chosen name, colour and design.

Stuck On You

If you visit the website, you can see for yourself the huge range of products available to personalise. You can also visit the Facebook page here, to stay up to date with the latest products and offers.


See something you like? Well, I’d love to offer you the opportunity to win a $50 Stuck On You gift card! Simply leave a comment below about which product you would choose, and who it would be for. (I promise I won’t judge if it’s for yourself. I am seriously tempted to order this toiletry bag )

Stuck On You


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21 comments on “Still Stuck On Stuck On You! {Review and Giveaway}

  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    The Art Smock. My lottle monster adores all craftiness and making things, painting things, colouring things and doing plenty of other craftiness that creates mess and a smile on her face. An art smock would b eperfect and will save her “good” clothes when I gets the need to paint or create without havung to change.

  • Tracey kellock , Direct link to comment

    “Come Feb next year, she’s off to school,
    I will kiss her goodbye, she will say
    “It’s not cool!”
    I will wipe her face with a tissue and drool
    But she will love me still, if she has “Tools for School!”

  • helen , Direct link to comment

    Name labels. I ran out of Mr. 4’s set and wouldn’t mind stocking up before the new school year kicks in :)

  • Melanie , Direct link to comment

    I pulled out Miss 4s stuck on you stickers the other day. Ordered them when she was a baby, gorgeous pretty ones with flowers in pinks & purples. Turns out Miss 4 wants to be a boy when she grows up, loves captain Amercia, Iron Man and turns most commen household items such as coat hangers into swords whilst channeling her inner ninja. Would appreciate the opportunity to exchange the stickers to a more appropriate reflection of my little superhero :)

  • Natasha Andrews , Direct link to comment

    How gorgeous is that “tools 4 school” pack – both of my kids wold love that even Miss 8 who seems to have inherited my stationery addiction! I love that you can choose colour, design and font. The budding artist kit is divine too!!

  • Glenne Lenske , Direct link to comment

    I’ve got nieces and nephews, deserving and cute,
    And a good friend with news of a grand kiddy too!
    But if I could choose, And do it for free
    It would be personalised cake toppers
    For next years Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea!

  • Michelle V , Direct link to comment

    As a mum of three aged 10 and under
    The washing’s a disaster, is it any wonder?!
    So, I’d opt for the laundry hamper, either single or double
    To hopefully cut back on the washing trouble
    I’m hoping this would keep things in the laundry more neat
    And in pink, with their names added, for an extra treat!

  • Alicia Smith , Direct link to comment

    If I won I would let Mr almost 6yrs old choose. He gets quite upset about competitions and doesn’t yet understand why there can only be one winner. In saying that, I’d love a lunch bag, for myself!

  • Alana , Direct link to comment

    I would love to order the name labels (two girls at daycare). Love stuck on you products-bags are gorgeous :)

  • Mel , Direct link to comment

    The art smock, so my nearly four year old can help paint the new cubby house and her bedroom walls! Probably not the intended use, but still…

  • Kim , Direct link to comment

    The embrodiered beach towels are awesome!!! My daughter has lost her’s before, even though I try and make sure they are always labelled. But I’ll be dammed if her name is sewn, then there is no excuse to lose it or for it not to be handed back if she does!

  • Cynthia , Direct link to comment

    I’d choose a drink bottle each for me and my son. My son would get a kick out of Mummy having a little one like him, and a nice flowery one for me may finally stop my sticky-fingered hubby constantly stealing my drink bottles when he keeps losing his own!

  • Jade , Direct link to comment

    I have one of the gorgeous personalised height charts for my daughter and would love to order one for bub 2 that is currently baking away with an arrival date of Australia Day!

  • Amy D , Direct link to comment

    Having a child with food allergies, I love that you can personalise these for allergies. It’s something we constantly have to be aware of and labels make everyday life easier.

  • Monique , Direct link to comment

    My 2 1/2 year old has just started kindy, so some personalised name stickers would be the first thing I would invest in (love the fairy design in the Designer Name Labels). I would also have to be a bit selfish and get one of those week to a page diaries for myself… soooo cute and would add a little fun to my working day ;) Thank you! Monique

  • carmen , Direct link to comment

    For the love of G*&, the sportsbag… my kids NEVER have room for all their gear when we go away overnight!

  • Lisa , Direct link to comment

    I would get the growth chart – moving house all the freaking time means we cant write on the door frames and it will be a lovely keepsake for when the boys get older.

  • Andrea , Direct link to comment

    i would choose a pink art smock for my 2 yr old son, all he wants to do is be just like his big sister and she loves pink! Whenever we go shopping he asks for everything we buy to be pink…. and yes we do get some strange looks :)

  • Rachael Byrne , Direct link to comment

    The tools for schools pack. So little miss can stop stealing all big sisters school stationary!!

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