Things I Wouldn’t Tell You.

1) I swear. A lot. Like a sailor you may even say. (apologies to all the sailors who don’t swear.) I rarely swear on my blog or Facebook, and when I first meet you, I am all ‘oh my goodness’ and ‘shivers’. That’s how you know I’m comfortable with you, when I start dropping the ‘F’ word! See my theory is, that although swearing doesn’t offend me, it does offend some other people. I think it’s a respect thing. I would never swear in front of my mother in law, or my daughters teachers, or little Jimmy’s mum at childcare.

I do however swear in front of my daughter at times. (never at her though) I know this can be a contentious issue, and it’s cool if you disagree. As I said, swearing doesn’t offend me, and I really won’t mind if Milla swears when she gets older, as long as she understands the whole respect thing. Saying ‘shit’ at home in front of mum and dad is fine, however saying ‘shit’ at school, or in front of other people is not OK, because it could cause offence and upset people. To me, it’s more of a courtesy thing. As for now, I tell Milla that those words are for grown ups, and I provide her with more appropriate words she can use. Of course I will also teach her that swearing at someone is not OK, and that certain words that are derogatory about a persons race/sexuality/religion/intellect are never OK to use.

2) This is Buster. What I wouldn't tell you 1I received him for my first birthday, and he is named after the little girl in The Shiralee. At 34 years old, I still sleep with him every night. I’m guessing this is probably unusual. Although I have a secret hope that really a lot of adults still sleep with stuffed toys, they are just too embarrassed to admit it. Right?!

3) I am an ex-smoker. I started smoking when I was 14, because I wanted to be ‘cool’ and I continued to smoke for 15 years, with a few ‘quit breaks’ in between. I was smoking when I found out I was pregnant with Milla, however I quit cold turkey when I saw her teeny tiny heart beat at our first scan at 8 weeks. Because I am an idiot, I started ‘socially smoking’ about 6 months after she was born. I say I’m an idiot, because if you have smoked for 15 years, ‘social smoking’ is a bit of a myth. That shit is addictive.

I quit for the final time New Years day, 2013. For the first time ever, I actually feel like this is it. I just don’t want to smoke anymore. I get the odd habitual urge during really stressful situations, however it is always fleeting, and I never feel compelled to act on it. So if you are a smoker who wants to quit, keep trying. I’ve probably seriously quit about 5 times in my life, and this last time it just clicked.

4) I was a ‘party girl’, probably right up until my mid 20’s. If you saw me out, I would have been drunk. What I wouldn't tell youI was an embarrassing party girl. I was that girl that you see dancing on tables at clubs, thinking I was awesome, whilst knocking over everyones drinks, and pissing people off. About an hour later, I would have been that girl lurching out of a taxi, and vomiting in the gutter.  God, it makes me cringe so much, thinking back to what an idiot I must have looked like. Not to mention the dangerous situations I put myself in, particularly with men.

I guess the only positive I can take from my experiences, is that I will be able to have a frank and honest conversation with Milla when she gets older. And, if she doesn’t listen to me, I already know all the tricks in the book for sneaking around behind your parents back… ;)

5) I have an absolute repulsion for coins. As in, just the very thought of them makes me feel queasy. I can’t stand touching them, and avoid it at all costs. If I have to accept change at the shops, I will try and slide my sleeve over my hand so they don’t touch my skin. Just the sight of them makes me almost gag, and hubby gets in big trouble if he leaves them lying around. I kid you not, just writing this paragraph is making me feel ick!

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed finding out a little about me that I wouldn’t {normally!} tell you.

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What wouldn’t you tell us?

13 comments on “Things I Wouldn’t Tell You.

  • Lisa from Two Point Five Kids , Direct link to comment

    Ha!!! You are lucky you still have Buster. I had a gorgeous Teddy Bear called Broderick (after Matthew) whom I got for my 16th birthday that I religiously took to bed every night. UNTIL I stupidly took him on a trip to the States in 2007 and left him in a Manhattan hotel on our last night. I was devastated. When I got back to Australia I called the hotel, cost a bomb, but they denied all knowledge of him. I never forgave myself. Sniff sniff.
    Love the post and thanks for the challenge.

  • Miff , Direct link to comment

    Oh my goodness gracious! (haha) I could have written this post word for word, right up to #5. Coin aversion? I bet there’s a name for that. Good on you for sharing so bravely!

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      I just googled it, apparently it’s called “cuprolaminophobia”! Learn something new every day ;)

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle , Direct link to comment

    BAHAHAHAHA!!! I love this post! What a great idea.
    I swear a lot too, which I am trying to cut back on, but lets just say the other 7 people in my house give me such reason to drop the F-Bomb daily.
    Also an ex-smoker…. so glad I gave that shit up! ;-)

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Jac, if I had 6 kids, every second word out of my mouth would start with ‘F’… ;)

  • helen , Direct link to comment

    So much in common!
    I totally get coin aversion. 5c pieces are the worst for me. Such much so, I just end up binning them if I see them, and generally wash my hands after touching most coins. I also have a finger nail clipping aversion (ewww, gross gross gross) and a jewellery aversion (makes me feel dirty and I want. to. scrub. my. skin. clean. Can’t touch it, not even kids/toy jewellery).

    And I’m also an ex smoker (12 years of hiding outside at parties, 4 years smoke free). Though after dealing with Mr 4 asd and aspie hubby’s transition back to a toxic workplace after baby #4, the urge to light up has been flirted with a bit more often lately…

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Oh Helen, I have a jewellery aversion too!! The only things I wear are my rings, and they come straight off as soon as I walk in the door. We really do have heaps in common :)

  • sonia stackhouse , Direct link to comment

    Coins – seriously you too? OMG coins and stair railings undo me! Love finding out more of the gorgeous quirky stuff that makes you you hun. OK you are on – I will work on this over the weekend when I have a drink to loosen me up lol xx

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