Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.

Next Saturday Milla’s ballet school will be performing their annual concert. As much as Milla has loved her ballet classes this year, she won’t be participating.

We wondered how she would go, as the time grew nearer. Miss Milla is a creature of habit, and the final month in the lead up to the concert has involved ‘rehearsals’; longer class times, held in a different room, with other groups. Her ballet teacher, whom she adores, is heavily pregnant, and has naturally been taking less of a lead role in the classes. I worried about how she would cope, but we thought we’d just tread lightly, give it a go, reassess after each rehearsal. At the very first rehearsal, she refused to dance, and chose to sit on the side and watch. After that class we had a talk, and she made it clear that she would not be dancing again, and would like a ‘break’ from ballet.

In some ways this came as a relief. I had been feeling very anxious about the whole thing, and how she would go during the dress rehearsals at the art centre; then of course the actual performance. At the same time though, it broke my heart, just a tiny bit. The thing is, I know how much Milla enjoys ballet. She has really thrived this year, attending classes independently for the first time. I know how much she really would love to be in the concert; would love to dress up and be on stage.

She just can’t. The anxiety is too much, it overwhelms her. The fear of change is stronger than her desire to perform. She looked at the photos of the dress rehearsal today, and I could see the longing in her face. We talked about it again, she insists she doesn’t want to dance. It’s not fair, I know she’s capable, I know she truly does want to. Her anxiety cripples her, it steals her confidence. Her security is in routine, it makes her feel safe. Any change in routine, and she can take days, sometimes weeks to recover. It’s a reminder that even though we have come so far, we still have these hurdles to overcome.

I admit, it’s difficult not to feel resentful. I see photos on Facebook of other children preparing for their end of year concerts, and it hurts. I want absolutely everything the world has to offer for Milla, it makes me angry all over again at the hold ‘autism’ has over my baby. That my beautiful, intelligent daughter will always have to work that little bit harder at things that come so naturally for everybody else.

I know it seems silly to shed tears over something so insignificant as a ballet concert. Classic first world problem, right?! I think it’s just a funny kind of grief, for parents of children with ‘special needs’ . (Ugh, I hate that term, but can’t think of a more appropriate one for this point) It’s a grief that rears it’s head at every opportunity our children miss out on. At every setback, every regression.

I am so incredibly proud of Milla, so in awe of all she has overcome, of her tenacity. As hard as it is to be reminded of the battle she is fighting every day beneath the surface, it makes me want to be a stronger person, a better person. I want her to trust that whenever she may falter, I’ll always have her back. Because two steps forward,one step back, is still one step forward.

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  • Lyndal , Direct link to comment

    Ohhh thats a tough one! My aspie girl danced for 3 years, starting at 4 yrs old, and the first concert was exactly as you described. Only she begged to go to rehearsals to then sit on the sidelines. We let her, and she even went to the concert. She cried beforehand but I went backstage with her and as her class went on she wanted to go with them and she never looked back! Each year though we repeated the process…no matter how many times she danced on that stage, the anxiety got her again the next time. We have since stopped dancing but she’s so proud looking back on what she did. Our hurdle this year is the singing concert!

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Thanks Lyndal, sounds like your little Miss has come so far, with your support :) Good luck with this year concert! xx

  • Dorothy , Direct link to comment

    Poor bubba, but you need to let her deal with this her way. One year she might be able to take part, you just never know.

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Thanks Dorothy. That’s it, we’ll just keep fostering her confidence, and encouraging her xx

  • Adele Dew , Direct link to comment

    Maybe she could still get dressed up in a costume and have a little performance at home with loved ones.

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Thanks Adele. She’s such a crack up, loves getting dressed up and putting on shows for me and her daddy :) Just need to keep fostering that confidence so she feel comfortable in front of other friends and family xx

  • Elephant's Child , Direct link to comment

    One (dancing) step at a time. She has come such a long way. And perhaps, later, she will be ready. And even if she isn’t, the progress she has made is huge. And that love of ballet is a gift.

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Thanks EC. She absolutely loves music and dancing, so for now that is enough :)

  • Renee | About a Bugg , Direct link to comment

    I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but it does get easier. Last night Poss stood up in front of the school and mumbled her way through two Christmas carols. Sure – she didn’t smile like the other kids, nor did she look up at the audience, but she was there. And that in itself is worth celebrating.

    Milla’s turn will come – you just wait – and then she’ll blow you away with her presence on the stage. Hang in there and know that you’re doing the very best you can for your girl xx

    • Jane , Direct link to comment

      Sorry for the late reply Renee, only just saw this. That is so awesome about Poss, definitely worth celebrating. I have enrolled Milla in ballet this year; as she really did enjoy it, and her teachers are so understanding (they even read my blog!) so maybe this year will be the year. And if not, well, we’ll just keep trying :) xx

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