Who let me adult?

who-let-me-adult-i-cant-adult-my-mother-did-not-sign-this-permission-slip-3b7e2~This post was brought to you in conjunction with Youi Insurance~

Fresh faced 16 year old Jane. At least I have better teeth now…

This year I am turning 35. 35! I will officially be in my ‘mid-30’s’. When did this happen?? I swear I still feel exactly the same as when I was 16. I actually get a fright sometimes when I look in the mirror. What?! Who is the woman with wrinkles, and a squishy very-post baby belly? All I can say is thank God for hair dye, and never knowing what greys are lurking under it.

The thing about being an adult, is it sneaks up on you. You’re just doing your thing, living your life. Sleeping until midday, footloose and fancy free. Responsibility? Ha! I laugh in the face of responsibility! Oh, wait… I’m nearly mid-30’s. Crap.


I can tell you right now, if I didn’t have a child, I would never cook. I would quite happily live on toast, cereal, and packets of chips. I remember going to a party as a teenager, and taking home a pack of cheezles to eat for breakfast. Ahh, that was the life.
Apparently though, grown ups are supposed to cook. Going by my Facebook feed, some of them even seem to enjoy it. Odd. I must admit, I do find it slightly more satisfying to sit down to a meal with more than one food group each night. Shame I’m the one that actually has to cook it…

So technically this isn’t a ‘responsibility’ as such, but more of a denial of the fact that I am no longer young and hip (OK, so I was probably never hip. Also possibly showing my age just by using the word ‘hip’).
I simply cannot understand how Robbie Williams, No Doubt and Spiderbait can be on GOLD FM. No, absolutely not. And where have all the bands gone? Um no, One Direction are NOT a band.
Sometimes when I’m doing the housework (don’t even get me started on THAT little bonus of being a grown up) I put on channel V. I know none of the songs. NONE! Who are these people, and why can’t they sing? Back in my day….

Oh yeah, this is the doozy. This is responsibility with a capital I.
Confession- I have been known to be slightly reactive when it comes to insurance. As in, “Arghh!!!! Now something really bad has happened, WHY didn’t I get insurance??” There was that unfortunate incident with my car being written off in my early 20’s. My beautiful shiny red car. Bye bye. (New car- comprehensively insured) Then there is the several thousand dollars of vet bills for my cat in the last 12 months. (Future new pet- pet insurance) Those who follow me on Facebook will remember me cursing not having health insurance, as all four of my wisdom teeth needed to be removed. Ca-ching!
I’m afraid I might have to kick 16 year old Jane’s butt, and get all responsible about insurance before our next disaster. Youi offers a range of insurance including Car, Home and Business Liability. You can find out the benefits of insuring with Youi here. Probably best to not follow my example, and actually insure something *before* it breaks ;)

Hey! Look at me being all responsible and offering advice! Maybe there is hope for old mid-30’s Jane after all…

What adult responsibilities do you struggle with? Are all your favourite songs on a GOLD FM now too?

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  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups , Direct link to comment

    haha I often feel like this and in my head I am still 20 something. Cooking, bills and sounding like my mother when I say things she used to say that I swore I never would. Yep exactly WHEN did this happen? xx

  • Tessa - Down that Little Lane , Direct link to comment

    Oh I am so the same.. I have aged and learnt to cook (not well mind) I pay bills and own cars and all that shit yet I run around with the kids calling them poo bums because that is how I really feel still 15 wondering how I ever came to marry an amazing man and own my own home!!

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