Women- Not just a digital divide.

It’s 1.05am and my second uni assessment for this unit is already an hour overdue.

Less than a week ago I unexpectedly started a new part time job- 9-5. Miss Milla adapted beautifully to ‘kiss and go’ after three and a half years of separation anxiety and slipped confidently in to after school care.

I had already done all the research for my assignment, so all I had to do was record and edit… once I had a day off from the new job. Did I mention that I work weekends now too?

It’s all good though. Milla has camp on Monday (her first one!) so I’ll have all day to record and edit. Except I wake up with a head cold and a sore throat. And I drop my brave girl off at camp and she is so anxious, but so brave and strong, I have to pull over down the road and have a little cry.

Get it together. I can do this. Work/Life/(study?) Balance.

I organise my ‘set’ as per last vlog. Except this time I switch up the photos for a nice one of me and my bestie, because ‘girl power’ (get it?)

It’s later in the day than last time I recorded and the sun is casting weird shadows through the window… I attempt to fix the curtains.

Except now it is so late in the day it’s like Burke Street and I swear there has never been this much traffic in my street. I briefly debate in my head about just rolling with the background noise- clock is ticking and all that.

I can’t do it. Cursing, quite loudly off camera, I move a few props in to my daughters room, at the quiet end of the house and attempt again.

By this point I’m starting to get a little desperate. The stress of the past seven days is starting to get to me. My throat hurts and my sinuses are blocked. I have to pause the recording regularly to blow my nose and catch my breath. Thank goodness for overlays to cover my jump shots between takes.

I really hope I’m getting my message across. The three minutes maximum we are allowed is not enough, but I’m hoping it acts as a good introduction in to assessment three, when we are allowed more time to expand on our ideas.

Things are on track to get this in on time (although way closer than I have ever felt comfortable cutting it) when I get the phone call.

My girl is not coping at camp, she can’t go to sleep. We need to go and pick her up. I am so disappointed for her, because I know how badly she wanted this. She was so excited, but oh, so nervous. I hold her tight, squeeze her and cover her with kisses. As she cries and apologises for not being able to make it through the night, I reassure her of how proud I am. How hard it was for her to overcome her anxiety of the unknown and give it her very best shot. Autism may lay hurdles in front of our girl, but she attempts to jump over every single one.

It’s 2.20am, and I’m just finishing up. I will lose points for being late, and honestly, I’m not sure my mind was 100% focused in the end. Although, I do feel like I’ve done the best I could with what I had left.

It’s not just a divide in technology the modern woman faces. It’s the divide between family, work and life’s expectations… Sometimes the internet seems like the easiest stress to cut…

Digital Divide- What about the women?

Music: Evan Schaeffer, https://soundcloud.com/evanschaeffer.

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  • Elephants Child , Direct link to comment

    Balance? Queue hysterical laughter. Priorities shift and turn with the wind and I am so often left precariously straddling the line.
    And a big, big hooray to Milla for her courage. Next time. Or the time after that…

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