Wordless Wednesday ~The Girl We Call Moo.

Lately I have felt like my blog has been a bit depressing and negative. So today I thought I’d show you another side of my daughter Milla, who we affectionately call Moo or Mooie.

So far you know Milla was born two months premature, and that she has been recently diagnosed with autism. She is so much more than that. My daughter is honestly the quirkiest and funniest little person I have ever met, and even on our worst days, she manages to make me laugh at least once. I hope her antics can bring a smile to your face too.

Milla decided to put her pj's back on...
Milla decided to put her pj’s back on…
I don't want to alarm anyone, but I think Milla may be planning to rob a bank...
I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I think Milla may be planning to rob a bank…
Fairy wings? Check. Box as a boot? Check. We're good to go.
Fairy wings? Check. Box as a boot? Check. We’re good to go.
Just hanging out in her room, listening to music, sitting in a dolls pram and trying on dress ups. As you do.
Just hanging out in her room, listening to music, sitting in a dolls pram and trying on dress ups. As you do.
Fairy dress with a Milla twist.
Fairy dress with a Milla twist.
Jazzing up her new pj's with some accessories.
Jazzing up her new pj’s with some accessories.
I can too fit in this box!
I can too fit in this box!
Just chillin' with my pig.
Just chillin’ with my pig.
First try with a potty- Fail.
First try with a potty- Fail.
I can totally still fit it my block basket.
I can totally still fit it my block basket.

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23 comments on “Wordless Wednesday ~The Girl We Call Moo.

  • Neen , Direct link to comment

    Omg I love this blog post. Love the potty on the head classic and dress ups. I see a theme of if it has a hole in it, its goin on the head lol.

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    Villasukka kirjahyllyssä, tervetuloa! :) Ehkä kirjastolakko on vähän kuin laihdustuskuuri: silloin ajattelee koko ajan ruokaa, kirjastolakkolaista taas vaanii kirjarepsahdus?Marjis, kirjastopsykoosi ja Klonkku-ilmlö ovat tosiaan tuttuakin tutumpia aika monille, veikkaan. Seuraavan kerran, kun menen kirjastoon – ja menenhän minä, (muka vain) palauttamaan nuo tämänviikkoiset lainat – aion katsella, näyttääkö kukaan asiakas olevan siellä kirjastopsykoosissa tai My precious -tilassa. :D

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